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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Color is Your Attitude?


30 Tishrei 5769

We're heading into the months of c-c-cold weather, and some genius thought of warming us up with thoughts of love at
WOMEN IN RED. I'm drawing your attention to the article because it has a sidebar about altruism and how it's good for your health (quite a divergent thought!).

That look at altruism points out a reality (can so many scientists AND WOMEN be wrong?) repeated throughout
my book: "... in humans, research has shown that doing good makes you feel good ..."

Men, you can find loving partners with good-hearted women. Why? Ladies (MEN, listen up, now), like to marry guys who give of themselves in order to better the world.

Maybe we better revisit these thoughts in February, when the Western world
celebrates the 14th of the month with loving thoughts. Meanwhile, check out FIND LOVE BY BEING NICE (sorry FoxNews, I just had to edit your title a bit). It could make you feel better ;^ )

Gee, maybe I should have worn a red outfit in my photo at the upper right. Naaah, you can see me in red or pink when you click on
Boo-Boo Barbie . Remember when I laughed my way out of the pain from my elbow fracture?

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To your good health,

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Jozette said...

I am not a fan of red but if it'll attract Brad Pitt...I will give it a try.

Altrusim has always been one of my favorite mate-traits along with selflessness, compassiona and sincerity to name a few. Are there really any guys out there with all of the above and good looking too?

Yojeved Golani said...

The world does not have a fool-proof method for attracting the right spouse. And looks fade over time. I suggest seeking out someone with pleasant smile, reasonable body weight and consistently good behavior, a man with friends and a reputation you'd be proud of too. The rest is up to GOD.

I know what I'm talking about... Best, YG