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Monday, September 14, 2009

Financial Investors and Bloggers Would Enjoy this Book!


25 Elul 5769

I spent much of yesterday at a bloggers convention, learning new skills, connecting with some of my book & blog readers and enjoying live conversation. I arrived almost an hour early to beat the expected crush of people at the registration area.

WOW what a delight to share air space with people I'd only known in the cyberworld. I even met one of my news magazine editors there (she giggled "You arrived before deadline! As usual!") who shared some laughs and a seat with me.
You might be able to spot a weary redhead wearing a watch in one scene at
this online coverage of the event. Yep, that's me (with a shorter hair style for the hot summer) after racing the clock to arrive early for registration before a big pack of people could obstruct the rapid progress I prefer to make at crowded events, then listening attentively to still another lecturer after a day of racing on foot through downtown streets and connections, climbing lots of staircases between educational sessions and pausing to chat with some fans and colleagues.

As soon as the relevant URL goes live, I'll post an online interview I did at the event, holding a hot-off-the-press poster of the EMPOWER Yourself E-book.
If you like saving money, you'll enjoy the comments I made in that segment.

Participants expressed gratitude for my writings, quoted some lines from the book, and said that web magazines ought to pick up my content. People of all ages - senior citizens, members of AARP, children of various ages and their parents mentioned how helpful my content is and can be for a wide range of population groups from people with chronic illness to anyone facing a sense of shock at a new diagnosis.

You heard it from them, so to speak ;^ )

Yep, lots of solutions (including financial solutions) to many kinds of problems related to illness fill the pages of

For investors having trouble thinking about it all (control, savings and benefits are important issues, right?), consider coping with illness in terms of Tactics, Strategy versus Distribution, International Resources, Sustainability, Diversification, and so on.

Hmmm... now there are some thoughts that could be very good for your portfolio. And they're in EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge!


BTW, I'm switching ADSL companies today. I look forward to a smooth transition, and updating you as quickly as possible about photos of me at yesterday's blogger convention (such as the one above. GOSH I was zonked from a long day!). I just need a bit of time to adjust to the new equipment.

Yocheved Golani
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