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Wednesday, September 16, 2009



27 Elul 5769

My book & blog beg you to keep moving to the best of your ability. Here's some evidence that the oxygen-burning aerobic exercise improves your thinking skills:

There's more evidence that exercise can prevent and minimize illness. Arrange for someone willing to help you if you're bedbound or in some sort of appliance. I've helped wheelchair users and people wearing leg or arm braces to dance rhythmically, and with HUGE smiles across their faces.

When I was bed-bound following life-saving surgery, I wore wrist and ankle cuffs to which I gradually added weights (in specially made pockets) over time. They're manufactured for karate enthusisasts who want to build muscle fast. Here's why I wore the getup:

Standing on my toes, moving up and down on my feet at the physical therapist's direction, left me breathless. Then she convinced me to perform daily leg and arm-lifting routines until I regained strength, graceful movement and the ability to walk unassisted.

Quarter pound weights wore me out in the early days (yes I cried). I now pump 20 pounds on my arms and legs as I walk and dance through daily maintenance exercise regimens (now I laugh or sigh with deep satisfaction).

There are more solutions to be found when you focus on finding them.

Sept. 22 UPDATE: JHU medical professionals insist:

Think of me clapping in time to the beat for you. Or cheering you on during a run.

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PS - sorry for the gap in blogposts. My ISP crashed. All is well now.

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