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Monday, September 14, 2009

Look at this Book Review to Feel Better Fast!


I just learned of an online review for EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Crisis. Scroll around at to find an in-depth interview with me and a look at the book.

Learn to cope with the paperwork nightmare of insurance and medical documentation. Know how to prepare for hospital stays, how to stay emotionally strong and mentally sharp despite the pain, fear and uncertainty of your diagnosis. Laugh out loud as you read some of the insights in this tool for regaining or holding onto your dignity despite the drafty hospital gown, jabs and pokes from medical personnel and unappealing hospital food.

You'll even find out how to get hold of hospital gowns that actually keep you covered all the time, when you read the Global Resources section at the back of the book. When you're not saying "WOW! Look at that great idea, and that one and this one and..." that is.

There's a reason that EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Crisis is selling around the world.

EMPOWER YOURSELF to cope with a medical challenge by reading It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need to: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge.

I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines.

Yocheved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
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