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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lifesaving, Emotionally Rewarding, Funny & Helpful from Cover to Cover!


12 Tishrei 5770

When my Self-Help Coaching clients or fans of my book ask me how I helped myself to recover from devastating medical problems, and what YOU need to do to cope with your medical situation, I reply:

"I look at what's going right, NOT at what's going wrong with a given situation. I do the same with clients of my Self-Help Coaching services. My brain - and yours - already knows what went kerflooey. No reminders are necessary. By reassessing the situation, we seek out what works as a coping mechanism, then build on that. Capitalizing on and expanding existing skills and insights builds resilience, teaching you how to be strong and how to expand strengths you already have."

Sounds kind of dull, hmmm? The dancing, traveling, gardening, laughing, sports, hobbies

and strength-building I do and advocate sure aren't.

Want to read a fun book that teaches you all that and never gets tired of repeating the lesson?

AND can save you lots of money with the Global Resources section in the back?

Be sure to read

Dr. Judith Guedalia Chief Medical Psychologist ER Trauma Shaare Zedek Medical Center calls the book "Lifesaving, emotionally rewarding, funny & helpful."

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