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Monday, September 7, 2009

Have Quality of Life Despite Your Medical Problems! 3 Simple Steps.


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Dear Readers,

Four years ago, my writing career and personal life crashed the day I woke up completely, unexpectedly blind.

I fainted in the emergency room after learning of a BENIGN brain tumor that had been killing me for 18 months.

Then I helped doctors to save my endangered life in a way that would astonish the medical team for years to come.

Unable to walk on my own, facing the risk that my heart could stop beating without warning, I took the slim chance that dangerous surgery could save me by envisioning a
healthy, productive future.

That surgey was an obvious success.

I walked out of the hospital on my own power. And despite medical expectations, I then began to see. Better and better.

I wrote a highly acclaimed book about my unprecedented recovery:

The prescription on my eyewear fell 12 times in 3 years.

My eyecare team is made of teaching professors. They're
astounded at the unexpected progress.

Though these prestigious medical practitioners had predicted that I'd be blind for life despite life-saving surgery, exams prove that I see better at each visit. Some doctors believe the day will come
when I won't have any need for glasses or vision therapy.

Orthopedic specialists have examined me closely. They learned that my bones and muscles are in the condition of a woman
HALF my age.

They wondered why I could be in excellent physical and emotional shape, despite my traumatic medical history. Some of these specialists joined mental health practitioners in reading my book

Then the social work staff added my book to the hospital's Patient Information Center.

Now other mental health and medical practitioners read and recommend that book PLUS its newly-released updated edition.

The result: people worldwide are learning what I did to remain alive, well-adjusted, and to thrive against BIG odds.

They're mimicing my actions. You can, too.

Find out how you can add to/improve YOUR quality of life, with physical and emotional coping skills, despite the medical situation you're in.

Have Quality of Life Despite Your Medical Problems
in 3 Simple Steps.


Use the cost-cutting medical and effective coping strategies information inside.

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Yocheved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

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