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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Calm Down from a Frightening Diagnosis


14 Cheshvan 5770

Top o' the morning to you!

Did that cheery greeting leave you feeling flat? Is all the commercialism, hustle & bustle for the winter holiday season getting you down more and more as each day or hour passes? Hmmm... I extend my sympathies to you. The glittery decorations and party planning in your office or neighborhood are quite the contrast to fearing an illness or feeling sad over family dysfunction.

Gosh, the list for what can go wrong at this time of year just seems to grow. I respect the reality that ordering someone to "Cheer Up!" is not going to work. Happiness is hard to come by when you're counting up all the reasons you're feeling sad.

Help for the Holiday Blues when you want to. Make a gradual transition into using the ideas there to improve your mood and worldview.

Calm down from lingering fear over medical costs, pain, and how that medical situation affects everyone around you.

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