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Monday, November 30, 2009

Diabetes Do's and Dont's


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"Without significant changes in public or private strategies... " researchers have warned... Warned WHAT, you wonder? Warned WHOM?

In brief, the Average American and anyone else taking unnecessary risks with their food intake needs to know:

What it means, simply, is that swallowing those mall muffins, colas, fast food "meals" and other expensive stuff means you're at risk for serious malnutrition despite your high income bracket!

Yes, far too many people are becoming diabetic and/or suffering consequences of further deteriorating health due to poor food choices.

Folks, you have the educational resources for making better food choices.

If you want to know how to simplify the food preparation time, and/or clues about how to minimize the risks of losing the health you have, read

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Something Different said...

As a person with type one diabetes, I find posts like these very unsettling. Yes, type two diabetes is twrrible, yes it's on the rise, and yes people have to learn how to live healthier so they don't catch it, but you should diffrentiate between type two, which is related to lifestyle, and type one, which is autoimmune, caused by an unknown cause, and completely unpreventable- regardless of size, diet, or exercise.
Thank you.

Yocheved Golani said...

I share your serious concern. Past blogposts have indeed addressed the differences (scroll around to find them). My book and blog beg readers to guard their health by making necessary changes in self-care and to mind effective medical advice.

Best, YG