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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vaccination Fascination


24 Cheshvan 5770

I shared my concerns plus some preventative safety tips about the Mexican Swine H1N1 Flu on this blog several times. Medical professionals feared massive death tolls from the 21st century's pending Flu Pandemic. Mainstream media kept blaring warnings about a Spanish Flu Redux. It sold a lot of "Film at 11" updates and many newspapers. But something doesn't add up.

Color me confused.

The Mexican/Swine/H1N1 Flu Vaccine is NOT a proven preventative. It's even a suspected cause of other health problems! There's evidence that the vaccine has not been adequately tested, though it is being used on vulnerable populations: pregnant women, children with developing immune systems and immuno-compromised adults.

No matter what you call that infection,
something else odd stands out about it:

It's not killing all that many people.

Despite prognostications that we'd see Spanish Flu Death Rate Redux worldwide (e.g., Reuters' Alert, Sydney Mechanic's School of Arts, World Health Organization, and on and on) the majority of fatalities from the current Flu Du Jour are related to chronic health problems that preceded the flu infection.

Though those deaths leave heartbroken survivors behind, they are not as high as predicted by shrill warning from the media and some governments.

I consulted generalist Dr. Carey/Zvi Buckman
in Israel.

Here's how our online dialogue went:

YG: Carey, WHY is Swine Flu being touted as "epidemic" if it is NOT affecting significantly large amounts of the populations in countries where it exists?

CZB: It is a legitimate question. A pandemic is called such because of the rapidness of the spread, and the fact that it is worldwide. With thousands of people getting ill in over 20 countries, and dozens in each country dying of the illness, for which the public health agencies were unprepared (with vaccines), this merits as being called a pandemic. Whether it will turn out to be any more noxious than the usual seasonal flu is not yet clear, but the fact remains that the health establishment was unprepared for this illness.

By the way, further information disseminated today (November 10 2009), that the pandemic is not as serious as predicted, and perhaps vaccinating everyone with an untested vaccine is not warranted considering the-- as to now-- lack of overall severity of the illness, and the possible side effects of the vaccines.

So, readers, I'll stick with my original premise:

Stay clean.

Eat nourishing foods.

Drink plenty of pure water.


PRAY hard.

I alerted you to the fact that this Mexican Swine H1N1 Flu began to peak at the beginning of Iyar, a spring-time Jewish month. The initials of the month are commonly understood in Hebrew as "Ani HaShem Rofecha", I GOD am Your Healer.

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