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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Are Your Eating Habits Destroying Your Health? End that Inclusion Confusion Now!


9 Kisev 5770

Gosh, the advertising world tries to convince you that

means Good For You! You happily repaint your fortified-milk mustache, gobble vitamins, and snack on so-called foods filled with Trans Fats. Then you wonder why you're gaining weight and feeling awful.

You just don't know WHAT to include in your menu anymore. Confusion fills your brain. You just don't feel ready to run, let alone crawl, to the mall for holiday gifts.

Want to end that Inclusion Confusion?

I'm willing to help you to
think this through.

The truth is, dairy can cause joint pain due to the chemicals (including artificial hormones that probably affect your fertility and monthly cycles) in commercial cow's milk. Lo-cal snacks lack nutrition and WOW are they high in health-destroying salt stripped of its native minerals, and loaded with synthetic chemicals plus other dangerous stuff.

Wanna clear your head?

I understand.

Skip the coffee (especially dangerous decaf processed with one of the most effective cancer-causers known). Pour yourself a tall glass of fresh juice without additives. Sip slowly and read on to end your inclusion confusion.

You do NOT need
hormone-filled dairy products in your diet. Your biological balance can be thrown off by the signals it gets from chemicals that are bad for human bodies.

As for those vitamins you're sure are good for you, read
Reuters News Report Warns the World: Multivitamins can Endanger Health!

And those convenient food-on-the-go snacks? They haven't been good for you since long before
the BBC filed this Trans-Fats report .

What's left to eat when you're in a hurry? LOTS!

Grab an avocado and scoop out delicious nutrition-dense lutein so you can see better, vitamins and minerals for being better, and a mere 50 calories or so. Add it to a modest bowl of pasta or a heaping helping of vegetables. Either choice is easy to pack for workdays or school lunches and mmm, are they filling!

You'll feel and look better
for the regularly made effort.

For cold weather meals that make you feel warm & cuddled all over, fill a thermos with home made soup you simmered to perfection. If you don't know how to make soup, use this time-honored recipe, based on an instructive legend:

Stone Soup

Centuries ago, a starving beggar knocked on a poor villager's door, begging for food. The villager sadly pointed to the scraps lying about the primitive kitchen.

"Hmm," said the starving beggar. "Let's make a fire with those twigs and bits of wood lying about. Then we'll place your kettle on the flames. I'll toss in water I can draw from the well and add my Magic Stone. Let's see what happens!"

The villager had nothing better to offer, or so he thought. The fire burned merrily in minutes and the kettle heated with bubbling water.

The starving beggar plopped a pebble with great ceremony into the boiling liquid and said "Here comes the magic!" A few minutes later the villager remarked that there still was nothing to eat, unless the visitor cared to swallow a hot stone!

"Say we toss in those carrot tops you want to toss out, some bits of onion stuck to the cutting board, and perhaps those potato peels lying over there?"

The villager happily dumped what he'd thought was garbage into the brew. The beggar dropped a tiny turnip, parsnip and young squash growing in the garden into the boiling water.

"Er, may I add those meat bones you were saving for the dog?" the beggar pleaded. The villager shrugged as the bones dropped to the bottom of the brew.

A delicious aroma filled the air. Soon the two people dined on delicious, nutritious Magical Stone Soup.

You can make your own Stone Soup!

Fill the pot with root vegetables after scrubbing the skins clean under running water (they hold lots of nourishment so keep them ON the veggies not in the garbage!) and let those unpeeled veggies simmer. Toss in some spices, a few aromatic herbs. Garnish your filled soup bowl with home-grown sprouts you learned to make right here, yesterday. Have your Magical Stone Soup with some whole-grain bread and savor the health-promoting flavor.

Kitchen success is a matter of user-friendly chemistry. See Science Daily's Chemistry of Cooking for affordable, body-building ideas.

Bon apetit!

Ready for more food for thought and body-building nutrition that's easy on your time, mind and muscles? Read EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge. It's filled with adorable stories that can make you stronger. And gosh, are they easy on your wallet ;^ )

Yocheved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
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