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Sunday, December 9, 2012

HH-appy Hanuka!


25 Kislev, 5773

Today this blog and I are hosting the Haveil Havalim Blog Carnival. Check the date! It's another kind of auspicious day, too.

25 Kislev's a colorful event on 
Jewish calendars:    
The first night and day of

  חֲנֻכָּה   חנכה
 and sometimes spelled חנוכה

The first candle was lit last night.

The holiday comes close to the end of the Kislev month, days before the new month of Tevet begins. Batya Medad addresses the timely situation in her blogpost, aka an invitation for celebration, The Moon is shrinking Again... 

Paula Stern's always sensible Point of View addresses To Palestine from Israel

Paula's having More thoughts on Stuck.

Let's light up more brain cells with Paula's illuminating explanation of the History of E1.

Batya Medad's interview with a foreign journalist makes you wonder "Which half of the word GOD doesn't MSM understand?" Read all about it in Jewish Right to the Land of Israel, Historic Perspective.

Now for a 10-shek look at Pseudonistan: A Pseudonymous State!

Tomer Devora Thinks About a LOT.

Keep reading.

Lorelai, the fun and spiritual owner/ operator of Radio Free Nachlaot gives us musical poetry with Morning in Jerusalem.

Marina Shemesh sends you a colorful Bat Galim postcard from home.

Rachel Moore does Mommyhood right, riding the Perfect Wave.   

Considering worldwide insults to the Light Upon the Nations (aka the Jewish People), our ancestral homeland and beloved capital city, Batya Medad’s Political Tit for Tat Plan gets my vote and probably yours, too. 

(Yocheved opining here: I'm still hoping the UN building falls in the Hudson. I wonder if my Hanuka wishes will come true this year. Sorry fishies, you hardly deserve the insult. But the Hudson's muck and the UN's occupants do).

OK, OKAY, here's the correct Peh-appropriate sivivon, sharp-eyed readers (the miracle of Chanuka indeed happened here in the Holy Land, po!). 
History lesson coming up: Who saves Am Yisrael time and again and gets little press for it? WOMEN! Read The Heroines of Hanuka.

Listen in to Rav David Bar-Chayim address (in English) The Gaza War: Why Were Rabbis Silent?

Ever hear of the Aliya Tip Sheet I once produced? Colorful coupon-loaded thing packed with info the average aliya shaliakh would never tell to potential olim (why scare them more than necessary?). 

It held this line "Go before you leave, and carry fresh paks of tissues plus hand sanitizer with you. Israel's public restrooms are too few and very far between. Sanitary conditions therein tend to be iffy, considering the international travel going on around here." 

OKAY, now you're in the mood for the Bus Stop Pisher's Guide to Jerusalem (heck of an intro I gave you, eh, Batya Medad?).

Getting philosophical, here, I alert you to a GREAT Chanuka-related site by Rabbi Pinchas Winston, and two spiritual alerts:


Click the cute menorah to learn The History of the Menorah's Oil.

2) At this point in history of Tikun Olam
we're at the point of Yesod
the spiritual feet of the sefirot 
connected to creation. 

Yesod is about relationships. 
Considering the decades-long 
singles crisis (and too many messed-up
relationships for anyone to count), 
plus its multifaceted dimensions, 
let's zero in on Aviva Blumstein's look at 

Here's a conversation-starter from Yitzchak Sprung: Lemony Snicket and the Latke that Couldn't Stop Screaming

If you know the saying "2 Jews 3 opinions" and ever sat in on a Torah-studies class, you'll appreciate the debates that I'm sure will break out after reading Do Dreams Matter? (share your thoughts with Yitzchak, not me. I'm just the messenger)

What do you think of Rabbi YY's suspicion that Dreams Could be the DVD of Your Life?

Hey! Ever thought of Bend it Like Beckham for Israeli FOOTBALL? (psst - keep the soccer ball off the field UKers. Yalla! We're talkin' Uh-merican football)

You're having a thoughtful Hanuka, huh? Have some fun when you click on this Techno-lit Hanukia.

I'm waiting to see if Syria's chemical weapons stockpile 
blows up all over that country and its Iranian supporters. 
I wonder if the Techno-kids have an app for that... 
or if anybody can count as high as the number of Syrians already dead at the hands of their fellow citizens...

The UN has never condemned that, 
to my knowledge.

Jerusalem's envoy to Vienna proves in an

offhanded way that, frankly, 
Syria's Assad doesn't give a damn 
about morality.

Next time someone impugns "The Jews" 

share this message with them
Jews Have Healthy Hanuka (and yearlong) SHINE!

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. GOD knows we need it!

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"Yocheved your chatty style is 
packed with information and 
a pleasure to read. I truly felt you 
cheer leading from my corner! 
A motivated dieter/lifestyle changer 
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Batya said...

Fantastic job, Yocheved, thanks for the HH-appy Hanuka to Empower Yourself Havel Havelim!

Marina Shemesh said...

What a colorful and information-packed post! Well done Yochevet :)

Yocheved Golani said...

I appreciate your compliments ladies. I worked all week on this presentation. Keeping it real and fun is some job!

Rickismom said...

tremendous job!

Ima2seven said...

Great job and Happy Chanukah!

Esser Agaroth said...

Thank you for hosting and for including my links!

Nice running commentary!

Haveil Havalim #389 Is Up!


Haveil Havalim #389

Yocheved Golani said...

Esser Agarot, it's a pleasure to be part of the HH team. Connecting with thoughtful, intelligent people with decency as their primary characteristic is an honor.

Yocheved Golani said...

Imma2seven, thank you and backatcha!