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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can Baby Care Toiletries Cause Cancer?


19 Adar 5769

55 babycare products with
cancer-causing chemicals in them
and parents don't even know?

Oy. Some time ago it was baby formula and toothpaste from China filled with life-threatening chemicals. Now a country long respected for it's high standard of health care and consumer safety is to blame for health hazards to defenseless babies.

US Senators
Diane Feinstein and Jill Schakowsky
are calling for stronger oversight of
the American cosmetics industry.

The reason:
Some of the biggest names
on the market,
including Johnson & Johnson
Baby Shampoo
and Baby Magic lotion
tested positive for
cancer-causing 1,4-dioxane
or formaldehyde, or both,
say spokemen for
nonprofit organization
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

The Environmental Protection Agency has characterized these chemicals named above as probable carcinogens.

Worse, they're not listed among ingredients on labels. Parents wouldn't realize that they're endangering their children with those cleansing and skin care products.

Read Washington Post's warning:

I suggest that you use only organically made soaps, creams and other toiletries until better consumer protection rules go into effect.

As you'll realize from reading my book, my health greatly improved after I began eating an organic diet and using organic soaps and other hygiene products. My entire medical team has been watching my once awful and worsening health rocket into the quite healthy zone and stay there.

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