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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Community Health Centers Can Endanger Your Life


7 Adar 5769

Either the new American president doesn't comprehend the necessity of excellent health care and the means of delivering it, or he simply wants more cost-cutting at the expense of US citizens. That is, at the expense of voters' lives and the decreasing quality of those lives while those voters still breathe.

If you live in the USA then you probably know how increasingly hard it is to get hold of some medicines and medical treatments, let alone quality time with a doctor who follows your case over time.

If you've ever been to a college health center, a Medicare office or other bureaucratic medical institution and suffered significant lack of health care there, you can imagine the outcome of Obama's new "hinted at" health-care proposal for solving overcrowded emergency room problems.

True, hospital emergency rooms have long been overburdened by people who use them for primary medical care. But Obama's health care reform concept is NOT designed to cure the problem no matter how much he insists otherwise.

Bureaucracy only disables medical professionals from delivering quality health care. Government intervention is designed to limit, as in repress, prohibit and prevent, necessary medical care that is expensive or used for frail indivuals with statistically poor chances of recovery.

Consider how all of the above is going to become dramatically worse when you read this news clipping:

"...2 Mar 2009 ... Obama pushes centers as one focus of health reform ... provided a hint on Monday of one direction he could take -- community health centers..."

Read the rest of this appalling story at
Obama Pushes Health Care Centers as One Focus of Health Reform Deals ...

Click here to remind yourself that I've warned you of this pending development in the past.

Check out this WashPost story entitled Doctors Seek Fees at Time Of Service

That story was not a harbinger of improving health care news.

UPDATE: More Proof that Obama is Clueless about How to Solve the Problem. Or Lies that He Intends to.

It is inexcusable for the US president to be unaware of the following news items. He talks a good game but clearly has no clue about how to improve your healthcare. See

Your Emergency Can Wait: 47 Minutes

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Star Lawrence said...

First, on the community health clinics--there are a lot of those already. They are for people without other resources--we have many of those in Arizona USA. I am not sure I would say they provide inferior care. I am not sure where Junior--I mean, President Junior--is going with this. If he is going to come up with some sort of basic insurance, why wouldn't docs in private practice take it? We are sort of pending here to see what he is really up to--believe me, he is up to something. As for the electronic medical record--I am not enthused with those going through the govt--where they can in all their wonky wisdom, bang the records against outcomes and think they know something about what treatments are to be allowed because they "work."

As for a doctor asking for a deductible in advance--why would he or she be entitled to that whole deductible from the patient? Doesn't that deductible cover all docs the patient sees? I would freak out if asked for this.

I just went on Medicare. Have no idea what that will mean to me after 28 years of weird, cobbled-together schemes I have had. Mayo Clinic already told me they don't accept Medicare.

Yojeved Golani said...

Star, medical professionals often decry the limited care that community health centers can prvide. Shots, creams, powders, a kind word are too often all that may be dispensed. Sophisticated (i.e., expensive) medical tests and treatments tend to be unavailable in such surroundings. It is a genuine "Quality of Life" dilemma. The fact that significant numbers of medical professionals are NOT on Obama's side about all this is alarming.