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Friday, March 13, 2009

Obama's False Promises Based on Non-Scientific "Evidence"


17 Adar 5769

Voters chose him because he seemed so pragmatic. The truth, however, is that he's simply an opportunist manipulating facts, feelings and the vulnerability of US citizens to appear powerful.

The global medical world is
growing increasingly appalled by
and disgusted with
President Obama's lack of
sufficient knowledge and
his simple dishonesty
regarding his promises
to repair America's
health care system.

Read the Wall Street Journal's
opinion piece on this issue.

How much of a blunderer is Obama on Health Care issues? I alerted you on March 3 2009 of his doomed
Health Care Center "solution." It was not my first warning.

Remember, I'm familiar with the medical world and how it works. Here's proof that I have appropriate understanding of built-in problems. Click on
Health Centers Struggling to Meet Demand.

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