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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Learn Best from Your Mistakes


14 Adar 5769

Today is the holy, delightful day of Purim, a day of deep spiritual insights for Jews and everyone else.

One of the added causes of searing pain for people going through medical crises is regret. We tend to think insulting thoughts such as "Why didn't I call the doctor sooner?" Why did I go to that hospital instead of the other hospital?" "I'm so stupid I can't get a better-paying job that pays for my medical insurance," "I'm so bad I can't even stick to my diet, now look what happened to me. It's all my fault!" etc. etc.

I hope to ease your heartache with some spiritual insight. Please watch and truly LISTEN to this video when you
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Practice laughing at life and all its struggles. They're taking you to ever-higher soulful achievements.

May you grow from inner strength to inner strength,


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