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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Live! From Rusty Mike Radio, it's Gonna Be... Yocheved Golani!


I'm relocating my office this week and then begin to prepare for Passover. I'll update the blog as much as possible under the time-consuming circumstances.

Maybe we can make up missed time
on the air
and chat together.

Call me on the Rusty Mike Radio Show on April 19 (a Sunday) to ask YOUR questions about how to cope with medical crises. Rusty Mike is an all-English radio show in Jerusalem. The Israeli phone number is 02-563 1492.

I expect to "Go Live!" from 10:30-11:00 AM. Synchronize your clocks with Israel's (we'll be on Daylight Savings Time as of March 26/27).

Know your overseas dialing instructions? It's your country's Israel Code+972.2.563.1492, I believe. Double check with your overseas operator.

Turn your PC speakers down so static won't mess up your real-time call.

Stand by for an exciting
announcement or two on the show.
You might even win something;^ )

Looking forward to your calls,


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