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Monday, March 23, 2009

Can your Kitchen Cleanser KILL Someone?


27 Adar 5769

Mmm, the scent of freshly cleaned and aired-out closets fills our happy noses. But WHAT is filling little mouths and tummies as we scour our homes and businesses for the tiring rite called Spring Cleaning????

Ladies and gentlemen, as you shine your environment for the neighbors and inner taskmaster to admire, be sure to use child-safe cleansers. I've worked in emergency rooms and met children (some adults, too) who had been drinking Drano, bleach and other dangerous to life-threatening stuff on purpose or by accident.

DO NOT put cleaners in cups, mugs or glassware someone normally uses at mealtime.

DO NOT mix chlorine and bleach.

It causes a killer cloud of

invisible danger to everyone
who tries to save
the unconscious victim!

DO NOT keep cleansers and rags, sponges, or other items
used in your cleansing efforts
near children or pets.

Here's a terrific idea:

Make Your Own
Home Made Cleanser
that Can't Hurt Anybody:

Set a large pan (wide and deep) on a steady surface such as a counter top. Fill it with 3-4 liters or so of very warm water (depending on how much you'll be cleaning and how thick a paste you prefer)

Add 4 or more tablespoons of baking soda (yep, the simple stuff you put into cakes or add to washing machines when you need to freshen body-odor affected clothes)

Add a drop of dish washing liquid

Now soak soiled items (including silver), then rub with a sponge or soft cloth until the dirt lifts off.

Rinse well under hot water, and let them stand upside down upon a dish-dry rak or towel.

Dip a clean cloth into the mixture and scrub your COUNTER TOPS to a brilliant shine. Wash off the cleanser and buff dry with fresh towels.

Want to clean WAXY CANDLESTICKS? Soak rags in the mixture and cover the candlesticks with the cloth. Rub vigorously, then rinse under hot water. Dry them immediately.

Finished with the kitchenware? Great. Now add hot water to the leftover soda-water-soap cleanser and load OVENWARE and/or GREASY POTS into the mix. Scrub with a rough sponge (or plastic wire balls for dishware sold in many supermarkets). Rinse off your sparkling stuff with hot water.

(Hint: make smaller batches of the
mixture for cleaning smaller amounts of dirty goods
on different days.

Keep an old toothbrush handy for
cleaning out hard-to-reach gunk)

Want to lose that carpet spot? Mix some watered-down vinegar with warm or hot water. Soak the stain and rinse it well.

Pour vinegar onto yellowed areas of your clothing and toss the laundry into the wash machine. Remove your restored clothing in one cycle!

OK, even if the kids sample some of your hardworking home made cleaning goo, they won't die from it. They'll feel awful, but a visit to the doctor should make things better quickly.

And watch how nicely this recipe treats your hands!

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