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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A 4-Point Plan for a Summer Without Bug-Bites!


9 Tamuz 5769

I live in a HOT, humid climate and
wow it brings out biting bugs.
But I don't scratch at bites all day and night.

I use lavender oil.

Yep, mosquitos dislike the scent of lavender oil. Here's more good news: lavender oil is not just for females.

MEN can also use lavender oil without ruining a manly image.

Apply it when you go to sleep.

Here's your 4-Point Plan for preventing bug bites:

Place a drop of the oil on your

1. Hands
2. Feet
3. Hair line
4. and on your Face.

A few drops on the pillow is nice.

Wives might like that ;^ )

If you prefer not to smear lavender oil on your skin, add a few drops to the water bowl of an incense burner. Or use citronella oil if you prefer (but not on your skin). Ignite a tea-light candle in the designated area below. Now relax as the air clears out from buggy problems.

Hmm, let's make this a 5-Point Plan for a summer without mosquito bites. Did you know that mosquitoes lo-o-o-ve the blood of people who drink animal milk? Now you know to stay away from dairy. ALL dairy.

Okay, okay, you want ice cream. And milk on your cereal. Definitely dairy. So, let's cope with the reality.

Drink Sheba (Wormwood) tea. Buy it with your vial of lavender oil from the local health foods market or if you're in the right part of the world, at your regular grocery store.

Sleep like a baby tonight! And take on the itchless day.

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