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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reader Alert!


This blog is supported by GOOGLE technology. However, GOOGLE has been experiencing problems with it's services from time to time.

To cope with that, I alerted blog visitors some time ago to my alternative E-mail address in case you want to communicate with me that way.

Well, things became a bit more complicated in the past 24 hours. My blog completely disappeared from cyberspace, and my related E-address became inoperable.

You know me. I address problems head-on ;^ )

I restored this blog and my E-address despite my limited expertise with cyber knowledge. But the problem could recur.

I want to alert you that I intend to maintain this blog and to communicate with my readers. If this blog or my
giveretgolani @ E-address seem to go missing from your monitor at some point, hang in there. I'll be doing my best to restore them.

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