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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to Become an Effective Coping Team In and Out of the Hospital


1 Tamuz 5769

One item I wanted to mention on the air yesterday but couldn't due to time constraints is this: Families, friends and the sick person him or herself can become a very effective coping team.

Facing a frightening medical diagnosis and all the complications that go with it, is a road that you and your loved ones, friends and hospital acquaintances will explore and a situation you'll tame with time and patience.

Check out all your (or the person who is a patient) reactions to medications, procedures and information with the medical team, asking every question you can think of and then some.

Allow yourself and everyone else to discover potential inner strengths and to act on them.

One of the things common to anyone who suffers in any way is this: we never imagine being able to cope with or to overcome the problem. Then we accidentally discover our hidden strengths or decide to create some. After all is said and done, we look back and wonder "Wow? Who knew that he/we/she/I could be that strong?"

Take everything one step at a time. Delegate authority to relatives and friends who want to help out. Recharge your physical and emotional batteries.

Pray. Pray some more.

What will life be like when this is over? New, uncharted territory in which you'll know so much more about why you're a person worth admiring and why special people in your life are such heroes. Hang in there. I've done it. You can, too.

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Yojeved Golani
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