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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Kitchen Remedy for Ending Earache Pain?


19 Sivan 5769

Here's the quick version of a totally unexpected medical discovery I made in the past 36 or so hours. It just might end your earache pain or someone else's:

I awoke screaming in pain at 5:00 AM yesterday. My ears and head were in painful agony. The first available appointment with an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor in my area was scheduled for 4:00 PM, when she'd first arrive to the office.

I immediately began preparing an onion and garlic soup flavored with sea salt diet. That's all I consumed for the day: freshly made onion and garlic soup. Onion and garlic seem to pull germs and other garbage out of the human system. I drank water as I wished. And cried in pain.

The ENT examined my ears at 4:00 PM and remarked "I don’t understand how this could be. I checked your ears weeks ago for a routine exam. Everything was clear. You have a severe Middle Ear infection. Your tubes are so loaded with pus now that when I tested your hearing minutes ago, no sound registered in one of your ears. No sound at all! Have you been ill? You don't have a fever. Are you allergic? How on earth did so much pus build up this quickly?"

Nope, I hadn't been ill, and my allergies have all abated since I began eating only organic foods in 2006. Friends chuckle when I sit near their cats and don't even sniffle (I used to sneeze hard enough to wake the other side of the world when a cat came close to me).

The mystery deepened after I left the doctor's office. The pharmacy was out of simple aspirin and I couldn't get antibiotics either! I wondered, "How am I going to get through this agonizing pain?"

Neighbors gave me some over-the-counter pain medication. It hardly improved my level of comfort. Then a friend put drops of garlic oil with rosemary into my ears. The pain immediately ended! An hour later a weird popping, sizzling noise resounded in my head. I slept fitfully throughout the night as goo came gushing out of one ear.

I went to my personal physician this morning, to ask how to cope with the pinkish-yellow goo coming from my ears and by now my eyes (aren't you pleased I don't have relevant photos to share with you?). She confirmed my suspicions that blood and pus were exiting my ears due to a ruptured Eustacian Tube (the piece of ear anatomy connected to your Middle Ear and to the back of your nose).

I visited another pharmacy with a new prescription but it was closed. Whoa this was a setback!

I returned home, dizzy and in pain. I did not use more garlic-rosemary oil since that could endanger the now-open Eustacian Tube (it should only hold body-created fluids, nothing else).

I placed a towel over my pillow and lowered my head for what became a 4-hour nap. I awoke to find a crusted-over towel filled with the now-dry goo that had drained from my head as I had slept. My pain was gone.

Oh, why did I suddenly awake after 4 hours despite a sleepless night?
I had heard children playing outside my bedroom window. Their soft voices woke me from that deep nap. That meant that my hearing had improved!

I'm not planning to run to a third pharmacy searching for the prescribed antibiotic. I'm pain-free and fully functional after the onion-garlic soup and garlic-with rosemary oil drops cleared up my ear infection.

Folks, I advocate organic food lifestyles, but this "No antibiotic, just food, rest and oil" remedy was not anything I'd have considered. I like benefiting from medical wonders such as antibiotics and painkillers.

It simply turned out that I couldn't get hold of any, and the on-hand natural remedies worked wonderfully.

Garlic oil with rosemary, prepared in clean surroundings and 2 or 3 drops into the ear: A wonder I never knew existed until today.

I hope this unexpected experience will help you to end earache agony. Let me know if it does.

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