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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clearing Up Kombucha Confusion


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Once in a while some new fad runs wild and people are hurt in the process.

Kombucha Tea passion seems to have swept the "I'll heal myself" world into a bit of a tizzy. Let's take a moment to review relevant facts.

Kombucha might have potential to be a good thing, but some of the people making it are amateurs, ending up with just another sweet drink that harms them with too much sugar. That means risking new dental problems, unbalanced sugar level complications, and increased risks for hypoglycemia, diabetes candida and cancer.


Kombucha tea is traditionally made with white sugar and black tea (two nutritionless non-food items!). This mixture is put into a jar with a particular fungus. The fungus eats the mixture, creating an allegedly pro-biotic mixture that's fizzy (bubbly for you non-English speakers).

Some drinkers find the result "yummy." The problem is that Kombucha tea can't be made with other teas, honey or natural sugar. The white sugar and black tea combo seem necessary for this particular mixture to work. To really make it right, a "master" brewer is called for, to know just the right moment when it is really ready to stop fermenting.

By the way, the fungus "starter" is passed around from other people. You just can't know if it picked up something bad for your health due to traveling from house to house. The "unknown" factor can cause unforeseen problems.

Have you counted how many potential health complications I've referenced above? Care to wonder about what I haven't listed?

If you want an effective pro-biotic drink, ask a board-certified medical professional who practices organic dining for recommendations.

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Ruth Wellins

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