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Sunday, May 31, 2009

UPDATE: Medical Considerations When Making Aliya


Whoa - I'm a bit taken aback at the number of E-mails and calls I've suddenly received, from people asking for information about how to cope with medical conditions when they visit or live in Israel.

I recently wrote a relevant article about that very topic, at the Ezrat Nashim site. See and scroll down to find my suggestions about Medical Considerations for Aliya.

Hmm, I wonder if there's a need to alert Prevention Magazine...

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Susan said...

Dear Yocheved,

I am just delighted to see that you are now a regular contributor to my daughter Maya’s new blog ‘Olim Omrim’, where new (or 'newish'!) immigrants to Israel have a chance to write in Hebrew—- as I had *just* listened to your amazing interview with OU Radio a couple of weeks ago....and I was thinking of telling my daughter about you and your work. And then I discovered that the link had already been made! (It must have been meant to be :-) )

I also just ordered a copy of your book—and may be ordering a 2nd copy for my daughter-in-law, who’s been recovering from major abdominal surgery these past several months (finally seems she is able to see a 'light at the end of her tunnel', and her attitude is brightening day by day and she is really feeling hopeful about full recovery. All the things you share, about feeling you maybe deserve punishment from G’d, etc, was all part of the very difficult challenge. Now, Baruch HaShem, she’s feeling new waves of hopefulness, feeling very grateful for the many good people in her life, getting out boating on the lake with our son, feeling joy once more… ).

Thanks for your work—you are really making a difference in many people’s lives, and giving real hope.

And I’m so glad you’ve ‘met’ our daughter Maya—I hope you two get to *really* meet in the near future!

Wonderful news to hear that once more your glasses prescription has been changed for the better :-). I’ve always been interested in the types of eye exercises you’ve probably been doing (haha, I first came across these ideas back in college -- I'm now 57-- when I thought the book by A. Huxley I’d picked up 2nd hand on the ‘Art of Seeing’ was a book on art appreciation, only to find it was about helping our eyes gain better *vision* :-)... ).

With gratitude for the nice ‘links’ in the world :-),

Susan, from near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Yocheved Golani said...

It's startling to realize how I can reach total strangers with my message, and to actually help them with it. And it is so very gratifying.

Thank you for writing to me Susan, and thank you for buying my book.

And, uh, you're giving a good name to mothers-in-law, too ;^ )