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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Miracle that's Unfolding...


5 Sivan 5769

I didn't post anything yesterday as I was in emotional shock to some extent, then quite busy on a medically related phonecall made TO me. Here's why:

I keep thanking G'D for the wonderful news I received this week: my prescription for eyewear has been LOWERED for THE 12th TIME since August 2005 emergency surgery to remove my former Petroclival Tentorial Meningioma strangling every nerve leaving my spine and entering my head.

I went into surgery BLIND and nobody quite knew if or how well I'd ever see again. I came out of surgery with one paralyzed eyelid that couldn't open and other complications.

The eyelids are now open almost equally. Strangers long ago stopped asking me why one eye seems to be at half-mast.

My vertigo seems to be significantly less as I can now run downstairs at will, even carrying heavy objects or wearing a heavy backpack. I still walk near handrails when I'm using stairs, but I'm not holding on for dear life anymore. I glide gracefully as I did years ago.


My medical team is in so much shock at the recovery that one of the docs is now consulting with me on how I observe my organic healing diet/lifestyle
and prayers so she can better help neurodegenerative patients at a major hospital for such problems (that's the phone call referenced above).

WAHOOO!! I can see better, I'm not at great risk for more sudden falls/broken bones and my sense of dizziness is markedly LESS! Just a drop left to tell me that the healing is almost 100%.

Oh - women in the 'hood wanna know how I keep my figure. I was puzzled at the recent questions until I realized that I've been walking long and longer hikes without quite realizing that... OMIGAWD I'm walking huge distances without assistance, fatigue or falls!!!! It must be toning my muscles. And I didn't have to join a gym!


Readers, recoveries are possible. I'd been written off as "going to further deteriorate" by some medical professionals and now I'm showing a prestigious medical practitioner how to promote HEALING for her neuro patients!!!

I'm dancing my way into the Shavuot holiday that begins in a few hours. La da da, G'D is healing a shnook like me!!!!! What a favor!

I wanna Pay it Forward and coax all of you: Pray for dear life, do life-promoting things and hang on for the Physical and Spiritual Rollercoaster Ride of Your Life.

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
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