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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Survival in 10 Easy Steps


8 Sivan

Whew, the early 21st Century has been through a dramatic time in history for the world at large: Economic collapse, Swine Flu/H1N1 sweeping the globe (after frightening AIDS, Bird Flu, SARS and other diseases have devastated humanity), political shocks, piracy on the high seas, nuclear missile tests, never-ending slaughters of defenseless populations, and two lingering, frightening questions:

"WHAT'S NEXT?" and "What am I supposed to DO?"

This blog usually focuses on physical and mental health issues (as in coping with medical adversity and the severe stress it can cause). But my Self-Help Coaching services expose me to more diverse issues (e.g., spiritual, social, employment, financial, self-esteem, identity crises, moral and ethical matters).

It all comes down to one core issue:
HOW can I/you/we Survive the Situations we're in???

My circle of acquaintances includes some very influential, upbeat people. One of those acquaintances, Rabbi Pinchas Winston, is a highly educated and very amiable educator/writer. He and I have explored the possibilities of how to help people facing increasingly complicated and baffling problems affecting folks around the globe.

Put all that together and you'll understand why I'm pleased to share this announcement from Rabbi Winston's organization:

Click on the link above.

To your spiritual, psychological and physical health,


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