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Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Do Smoking, Accidents at Home, Obesity and Mental Health Issues Have in Common?


23 Iyar 5769

What Do Smoking,
Accidents at Home,
Obesity, and Mental Health Issues
Have in Common?

You might be surprised to learn the answer: Those four problems pose significant burdens on the health of preschool-age children. Worse, they can badly affect the health of those children life-long!

Want to prevent all that suffering? Great! Here's what to do:

Mom and Dad, stop smoking before the onset of pregnancy. Get medical help if necessary and dedicate yourselves to stopping the habit forever.

Adopt good nutrition practices. Need snacks around the house? Fill the candy dish - better yet a BIG bowl - with nuts, fruits, sliced vegetables, and other high-nutrition/low calorie foods. Fill glasses with genuine fruit juices or water, and skip sugar-filled no-nutrition sodas. Spend the money you'll save from dentist and doctor bills you won't need on something the whole family can enjoy.

Ask health professionals how to make your home as accident-proof as possible.

Study the topic of good mental health practices. Ask questions of respected mental health professionals. Make a hobby of being happy. Be well-behaved even when you feel nasty, unhappy or bored.

And be sure to read this press release from the National Institutes of Heath:

(listen up, medical and mental health professionals read my blog, too ;^ )

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