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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Solutions for Ill People Who Won't or Can't Eat


26 Iyar 5769

Let's continue the line of thought about good nutrition.

The need for nutrition is true for any seriously ill person, no matter who is facing a medical crisis or why. Look at the situation from the situation of a sick child, elderly person, or anyone who's ill and their worldview.
Do they lack teeth? Do they have mouth sores that will be further irritated by food and hot or cold temperatures? Is the person's gag reflex going to be problematic?

Are emotions part of the problem?

Scolding is NOT appropriate. Making fun of the person refusing or unable to eat is
cruel, not helpful. The same is true for guilt trips.

Cook up a meal and a plan to get the suffering person to eat it. Focus on pleasure, soothing results, and compassion.

Find solutions.

Use blenders to create smooth, easily swallowed textures (hospitals call blended food "puree"). Straws make food fun for little ones sipping blended food with soup or water added to it.

Warmish jell-o is a quick picker-upper for someone trying to build strength to swallow more nutritious fare (it also soothes sore throats).

Use towels as bibs for larger diners who spill food despite their best efforts to be neat. DO NOT COMPLAIN about the laundry this will cause.

Here's a nice dessert for everyone involved: by helping the ill person to eat better, you'll feel better for expressing a level of kindness unparalleled in the medical world.

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