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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Zohar

July 22, 6 Av 5767

Like you, I'm trying to keep track of the body count in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." I don't believe I've come across anything this deadly in literature other than in MacBeth and Hamlet. Whew!

Lots of choices being made, and much action flying across the pages. This story is not about passivity. And that leads in to my purpose for today's post.

The real point of today's update about my book is this: The Zohar teaches us “That which you see and hear you cannot help. What you say and do is up to you alone.”

That's a lesson from GOD, not J.K. Rowling. It's about taking action to help yourself and to help others.

Now, suppose Harry Potter used his head as the Zohar instructs students of its wisdom to think. Suppose all his readers did the same. Gather information about the wisdom of the Creator, study it with an expert scholar in these matters, and ponder your reactions to various stimuli very carefully. A person's goal should always focus on what GOD wants her/him to do about issues in life. Even Professor Dumbledore knew and respected the fact that a higher power than he existed.

Heads up, Hogwarts lovers and others! The Torah presents us with cases of a live talking mule, a talking, walking snake that lives on in infamy, a magical rock that gushes forth water for thirsty desert wanderers on command, mountains that squeeze murderers to death before they harm another soul and lots more supernatural stuff done without wands!

A reader contacted me to ask about what to do when someone doesn’t believe in GOD. My response is this: Simply act in as honest and respectful a manner as possible at all times. Be a person of integrity. Don’t lie, betray others, don’t steal ideas, friends or money. Use your sense of humor as productively as possible and develop a sense of humor if you need one. Reinforce your thoughts with upbeat messages to yourself and, when you have down moods, dwell on those upbeat thoughts.

If you reject the concept of GOD’s existence and/or desire for your best welfare, engage in a pleasant dialogue relationship with a clergyman or religious friend you respect. Read spiritually oriented materials and pay attention to similar fare on videos, CDs, tapes and websites. Give yourself permission to think about GODliness and do not weigh your mind or heart down with other agendas such as “I’ll pretend to be religious,” or “I’m going to become religious.” Simply do the exploration and educate yourself about the concepts of spirituality and GOD. Your spirituality can unfold from that point forward. And the "Harry Potter" series of books can put much of that information into an understandable context for you.

Something that I strongly advocate in my book is sensible eating habits. That includes protective internal cleansing, to get toxins and other bad stuff out of your system. When the body cleans out, it is like a lantern. The soul which is always shining brightly and beautifully, is the candle. When the glass on the lantern becomes clean, the light of the candle can be seen by all. You will see it, too. Gee, and you thought that mere magical chocolates were fun.

By the way, one of the interesting things going on behind the scenes of this blog is that a growing number of publishers are approaching me following my announcement that Booklocker will produce my book. I wish to achieve specific goals, and I'm selective about which publishers I'll consider. Stay tuned for news about how I achieve those very goals and why Booklocker is happy to participate in my achievement of them.

All the best, Yojeved

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