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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happiness Promotes Health!


6 Adar, 5775

My vacation time is charging up my batteries: I've helped a young man to receive some seriously needed home services and necessary information about his orphan disease (it's included in the book's Global Resources section). I helped a woman with Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis and a few other medical issues, plus I  helped other peope who simply happened to interact with me for other reasons.

I'm raring to go forward with fun! I've enjoyed some theater, a concert, get-togethers with friends and other good times.

Last night I enjoyed a community-wide Mission from GOD Mexican Burritos Dinner at a local soup kitchen. Our pre-paid meals supported the local soup kitchen that feeds people so poor that they lack proper clothing and medical care, job skills, food, etc. It made a terrific prelude to PURIM.

It was fun. I've attached 2 photos to show me and my dinner. The heaping helpings were home made and delicious. I'd never had cashew salsa before and it was OUTSTANDING!

The crowd held local professors, chemists, writers, other professionals and non-professionals, plus children of all ages squashed up together, with everybody having a good time as we bounced along to salsa music, Jewish music and some hand-clapping.
Here's a look at my dinner (first time I've shared a food photo online).

Purim is about to happen. Here's A Purim Primer of Facts You Need to Know!

Check out Purim A-Z, too!

Fun promotes inner and outer health. When your mind and heart are happy, your body can heal. And your emotions can, too.

Healing is multi-faceted. When a troubling medical or other issue no longer dominates your life, when you choose to indulge in fun despite enduring difficulty or pain, you are healing in many ways. "Cured" is something altogether different.

As I say  in my pubic appearances, "Coping with a medical or mental health challenge beats the alternative!"

Celebrate life. Find fun things to think about, say and do. I dare you!

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Fill your life with fun. It makes hardships easier to bear.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thank You, Oliver Sacks


3 Adar, 5775

I'm interrupting my vacation to say "Thank you" to an extraordinary man, Dr Oliver Sacks.

He opened our eyes to some wonders of humanity. He increased our insight into, and compassion for, people braving previously misunderstood maladies.

I believe that I am a better human being for having read, watched and pondered his works. Many other people are better off for them, too.

Please read this indescribably touching message that Dr Sacks shares with us upon learning that he has terminal (deadly) cancer.

I am praying as I cry over the news and the man's utterly decent, inspirational message. 

Thank you for everything, Dr Sacks. You've made the world a better place for your efforts and sterling character.

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Embrace every moment for its potential.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Taking a Vacation and LUVING it!


20 Tevet, 5775

I'm on vacation in southern Israel, taking in some gorgeous sights, delicious scents, food and friendship. Somebody took a photo of me sitting in the middle of fields filled with red anemones (calaniot in Hebrew) this past Friday.

The air was full of soft music from nearby musicians. I'm fond of beauty in various forms. The outing enriched me in many ways.

I'm spending time with friends in this part of the country. The wonderful thing is that we feel not a moment has passed since we last gathered together. We've picked up exactly where we left off!

I'm scheduled to speak about the EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge book in a week or two. Stay tuned for updates (and possibly some new pix).

The change in my routine is charging up my batteries. I look forward to developments.

Care to join me in listening to the Shoshana Damari song about those beautiful flowers?



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Find the flowers beautifying your life.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Putting People - and Perspective - in their Place


16 Shvat, 5775

(I'm posting this message a bit earlier than so I can travel to see some friends without missing a blogpost.)

Life comes with plenty of agony. It also comes with options.

I recently interacted with people who were purposely causing pain to others to attract sympathy or respect in a vengeful manner. Not a good idea.

I coach people to understand that 
"X, Y and Z did not cause your pain or problem. 
Punishing them for it is pointless. 
Push back the anger and fear. 
Be your best self, and come out cultured, kind and compassionate. 

You'll respect yourself more over time.
Other people will, too."

I hope you'll let me know your thoughts about that.


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The Healing Power of Optimism Hits Again (HURRAY!)


15 Shvat, 5775

I've been savoring and preparing this blogpost a few days, wondering how to put a BIG miracle into words.

I wrapped up five months of vision therapy this week, and went home crying. I've been blessed with a HUGE miracle.

When you read the EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge book, you'll learn how and why I went blind in 2004/5. A completely terrifying experience, my situation was compounded with negative prognoses by the medical people on my case. 

NONE of the professionals believed I'd survive, and even if that happened, that I'd ever see again.

I chose to envision the future, and went wa-a-a-a-y outside the medical prognoses, diagnoses and treatment box. The choice has paid off well.

My attitude remains upbeat by choice (I work on it daily). People like having me around. And over time I can see them more clearly. 

Yes, some time ago all I could make out were blurred bodies and faces. I recognized voices and walking styles, not facial features. A walk down the street was full of danger for me as I struggled to interpret street signs, traffic patterns and whatnot.

The alternative healing strategies I use (I'll need them forever to prevent regression and to continue progression) are working. Some did not help me, but most of the strategies are improving my health and sight.

One successful strategy isn't even "alternative," it's classic, but not regarded highly enough in the medical world.

I've been working with a graduate student of my phenomenal eye doctor cited in this years-ago Glimmers of Light article. 

We've pursued proven and innovative exercises that optometrists use to improve visual acuity in their patients. In my case, we're overcoming severe optic nerve damage, forcing my optic muscles to compensate for the problem. Along the way, some of my optic nerves have become more powerful.

The huge percentage of visual progress in my case these past five months is simply miraculous. The therapist and I hugged each other as the evidence was recorded onto an official report. 

She credits my intentional optimism. I credit GOD and my willingness to let The One Above work with me.

We're making medical history. Again.

Want to join the fun, no matter the diagnosis? 

Learn how in

PS - the therapist asked me to supply her with an explanation of all the alternative healing practices I use. My entire medical team has grown to respect the reality they represent. They're learning from me how to help other people with my situation.

PPS - Today is Tu B'Shvat, the Jewish New Year for Trees (it's springtime in Israel. The air is filled with lacy new greenery, luscious scents and color!) and I'm celebrating my inner growth. 

Before my now-gone brain tumor and crushed optic nerves temporarily turned my life into a nerve-wracking vortex, I was not as insightful about change as I am today. And the medical team on my case knew nothing about the miraculous possibilities they'd observe in me over time.

All of us are relieved and excited about the phenom.

The life lesson I want to share with you is floral/tree-themed: 

"Don't be deceived by superficial appearances. Sometimes a plant appears to be dead or destroyed. 

Much is going on (under the soil) out of sight. It's life-giving goodness. Give it time to grow."

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Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism.

Replace fear with fun and progress.