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Friday, June 29, 2007

Standing Ovation!

June 29, 13 Tamuz 5767

The OU Center piped in my speech to the overflow crowd gathered in another room. The audiences were attentive to the details of my remarks. The quality of the questions that audience members in both rooms posed to me after my presentation was impressive. So was the standing ovation I received in the presentation room and out in the hall!

The videographer hired for the Natural Healing Conference experienced some technical problems with his equipment (Israel is coping with after-effects of an intense, two-week old heat wave). Those problems resolved after my speech ended, so we did a quick recap during a break in the program. I’ll let you know once that video is on the ‘Net, and how to find it.

Everyone in the audience said that they found me inspiring! Many audience members and employees of the OU Center asked to buy my book even before I finished my speech. However, they have to wait a bit. The publishing world has its challenges and quirks.

My initial efforts to sell my manuscript produced unexpected results. Publishers came up with various reasons why they could not take my manuscript (the James Frey scandal, the expense of reproducing my color photographs, my politically incorrect Israeli address). Then things took an interesting turn. That’s what happens when word gets out about a book that several folks in the industry have read. And when they realize how highly acclaimed it is among the mental health/medical experts and clergy who've praised it. Publishers have begun realizing the value of my writing and that “It’s MY Crisis” will sell well to many kinds of readers.

Before I delivered my speech at the OU Center, several publishers had declared their interest in bringing my book to the public, offering publishing contracts. I’m still studying those offers. I need to determine which contract is the best choice for my book and the goals I want to accomplish with it. I hope sales skyrocket when it's finally published.

Meanwhile, my Life Coaching services are already available. Contact me to book your appointment. We can work by phone from anywhere in the world or in person. Scroll down this page to find the always visible explanation about Giveret Golani Life Coaching services. For those of you who need a quick language lesson, "giveret" is Hebrew for "Miss/Ms./Mrs./Ma'am." Hebrew has only one designation for adult females and it does not indicate marital status.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Be Sure to Hear Me Speak Before a Live Audience on June 28!

June 22, 6 Tamuz 5767

I'm the first speaker up to the microphone at next Thursday's Natural Healing Conference in Jerusalem's OU Center. Look at the schedule below to see the plan for the day:

Natural Healing Conference – June 28th,2007

10:30 – Introduction – The Challenge of Healing

11:15 Am Yocheved Golani- 'Recreate Your Future: The Secret to Coping with a Medical Crisis'. The remarkable story of a woman who has overcome 5 brain tumors through natural healing

12:30 PM. - Mrs. Yachad Shifman "Psych-K: Envision your Life exactly the way you want"

1:45 PM – Shoshanna Harrari– New Day Cleanse Program – The missing link to healing

3:30 PM – Chaninat'shem Gordon – 'My Family's Journey to raw food and healthy lifestyle'. Tips on how to help your children and family eat healthier and be healthier

4:15 PM – Micah Harrari–'The life is in the Blood' – Using Darkfield Live Blood Analysis for diagnosis and healing.

5:00 Dr Yisrael Yaffa – Natural Hormone Therapy

6: - 6:30 PM - Dinner break

6:30 – 7:30 screening of movie – Supersize Me

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Publishers Express Interest in Producing My Book

June 20, 4 Tamuz 5767

Book publishing is a risky, complicated business, though many people daydream of writing best-sellers. Stardust from famous best-selling authors can close one's eyes and mind to gritty realities. It’s an uphill and interesting struggle to find the right publisher for a particular book. The process is not unlike finding the perfect relationship.

I'm fascinated to witness new expressions of interest from more and more publishers who want to produce my self-help text. These publishers realize the far-reaching sales possibilities of my mansuscript. In the past, some publishers only envisioned "niche" marketing.

"It's MY Crisis" is an opportunity to help other people (no matter where they live, what ails them or how they look at life) with my cutting-edge collection of resources for healing and my simply explained coping skills for finessing medical crises/challenges.

Judging from the international and diverse types of people who've either called, E-mailed or otherwise contacted me about wanting to read the book already, "It's MY Crisis" has quite a promising future.

I look forward to announcing the name of my book's publisher, and the release date when you'll be able to order it online or buy it at your local book store.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Resources and an Interactive Invitation

June 17, 1 Tamuz 5767

My book's Resources section holds a collection of information about potential resources that might prove helpful to you and/or to someone you know. Some of the information was gleaned from websites and press releases issued by specific organizations, plus acquaintances of mine in the medical world. Unless specified, that compilation is not an endorsement of listed resources, and not an exhaustive resource list. It is a small collection of data that is potentially helpful to and relevant for people facing medical situations.

Contact information tends to change over time. I hope that readers of my book will seek out newer phone/fax numbers, snail and E-mail addresses, and the names of relevant parties by using the phone book (in the USA, the Yellow Pages can be a tremendously good resource), the Internet, libraries, and by networking with social services, friends and acquaintances.

When you find a resource in my text that is not situated in your community, consider looking for something similar in your city, state and country. You can do the same sort of search for resources not listed below but which you may need.

Alternative healing therapies and traditional medicine have their place. Whichever form of healing art suits a particular patient's needs and personality that is the one to use.

I suggest that you read the Resources section in my book and down below slowly and very carefully. Don't stop when you locate one or two pieces of relevant information. Find every potential resource listed for the situation you need to finesse. Some of the data you need might be listed under a heading that surprises you.

What are some of the diseases addressed in my book's Resources section? Alzheimer's Disease, Aspberger Syndrome, Autism, many forms of Cancer - including Glioblastoma Multiforme (for which a cure may have been found!); Diabetes, Hearing Problems, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Issues, Neurological diseases, Substance Abuse, plus Vision Problems from the common to the rarer types. And there is much, much more. The book also includes resources for communicating with people/organizations that help you to locate the best practioner for your type of problem. There is information about free and price-reduced medication and medical appliances, transportation assistance to medical appointments and other helpful people, places and things.

I invite you to let me know about additional outlets for medical and/or mental health that I can include in future editions of this workbook. Please notify me of those resources at I will do my best to check out the legitimacy of those suggestions and include them on this page over time.

Here's one such resource, good for humor during a very difficult time: :The Stupid Cancer Show - tribute to David Bailey and Kevin Carlberg

My thanks go to Al Musella DPM, president of the Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research and Information for this update: : Worlds First Therapeutic Vaccine for Brain Cancer Commercially Available to Patients in Switzerland

Here's a feature story about successful Endonasal surgery (going through the nose to remove brain tumors):

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cover Art

June 13, 27 Sivan 5767

The cover art for my book was designed by artist Miriam Greenberg. It is one of the paintings in her portfolio. Entitled "Compassion," it's a perfect name that exemplifies the purpose of my book.

Numerous quotes from famous people throughout the centuries and from around the world are sprinkled throughout my manuscript. Those quotes evoke humor, happiness, hope and compassion for my readers. Anyone going through a medical crisis needs all of that.

The non-specific coloration of the arms reaching to each other demonstrates that my book is not limited to one part of the human population. The spiritual content in my text is universal. The psychological coping mechanisms portrayed in the chapters of "It's MY Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need To" are safe, sound and practical can-do strategies.

No matter who you are, no matter the diagnosis: if you or a loved one are facing a medical challenge/crisis, my book addresses your needs in a forthright, pro-active manner. By reading my book and following its suggestions, you and/or your loved one can become pro-active in promoting a dignified, productive response to the many challenges of your medical crisis.

Stay tuned. I expect to be announcing the release date for my book in the coming weeks.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Picture Perfect

June 4, 18 Sivan 5767

My prospective publisher's jaw dropped, then curved into a smile as he looked over the photos going into my book. Colorful, diverse and emotionally evocative, the full-color photographs illustrate points made throughout my text.

The publication process is tedious with lots attention paid to details. I'm easing my energy levels with occasional trips around the country and time spent with friends.

My June 28 speaking engagement is getting ever closer. I hope to see you at Jerualem's Orthodox Union Center. Bring a camera and maybe we'll take another picture!

International Notice

I'm still receiving supportive messages from around the world about the relevance and richness of my text. Here are some of the comments coming my way: