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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What the Audience Heard


5 Sivan, 5777

I look forward to the Shavuot holiday which begins this evening. I'll be offline for the next 36 hours or so once it begins.

Meanwhile, some of you have been curious about the presentation remarks I made yesterday.

Here's an excerpt from the start of an interesting dialogue with the audience:

Fostering Medical Miracles

... Let’s gloss over the emergency brain surgery that saved my life but left me weak and blind in 2005. Regular doctors had no idea how to help me to see again, nor how to become strong and healthy. I tended to the problem by consulting only with alternative healing professionals. They and GOD helped me to become strong and sighted as I became an organic, raw foods eater who progressed to organic veganism as I became stronger, and then to organic vegan macrobiotics due to its focus on alkalinity. The prescription on my glasses keeps dropping. Hold that thought. We’ll resume that subject soon... 

... A friend observed that “HaShem (GOD) is telling you that He will provide your needs... And you see that you heal in shocking ways. Your life is a spiritual example for others. I happen to believe that your mission in life is to inspire people. You do it all the time, without trying. Look back at all the miracles you’ve witnessed or helped to happen, the people you’ve helped, and the people who love you.”

He’s a wonder, that man. He gets me to address ideas that otherwise never pass through my mind. I’m not keen on opening myself up to the public. I work hard to publicize my book on Facebook and my blog as I resist a tendency to remain quiet. Only my closest friends know my inner thoughts. Social media users don’t.

My friend and I launched into a discussion that I’m going to summarize in one sentence for you: The universe is full of miracles and the supply of them keeps growing. I’d been a reluctant student of that life lesson. I’ll spare you the details of how and why. Let’s skip to the Life Lesson and share the wealth: Happiness is an option and so are astounding healing plus coping opportunities. The miraculous is the default setting on the universe. Use it. But don’t try to control it. Invite miracles into your life, then allow them to happen.

Still not getting my point? I understand. Let’s travel through time from that January conversation, to this past Purim. You’ll get the point pretty soon.

A patient representative of the hospital following my post-surgical progress called me in the middle of Purim day. We discussed the findings of the hospital’s extensive testing of my sight, optic nerves, ocular muscles and more from November through February. The purpose of the tests was to assess my suitability for corrective surgery to end my constant double vision. I’ve had so many other vision problems caused by the benign brain tumor and the life-saving surgery to remove it that they filled two pages without margins in 2009. The margins have grown since then, I’m relieved to say. Now we only need one page to describe my ability to see.

OK, back to the hospital representative who’d called me in the middle of Purim. I was trying to speak medicalese in an impartial way, dressed head-to-toe in purple and fake jewelry as I swallowed the goodies that had been in my mouth before I answered the phone. I fake calm and sophistication very well, sometimes.

The hospital’s representative was about to let me know the conclusions, the findings of my large medical team. Had they approved the desperately needed surgery to end my double vision? Would I be permitted to drive a car, have a normal life? His astonishing statement stunned me. I’ll summarize it for you:

Instability. Her vision changes rapidly. By the time Yocheved is fitted with new lenses, her vision needs have changed since the prescription was made 10 days to two weeks earlier. The patient sees ever-better without therapeutic treatment, not that the team knows how to heal many aspects of Yocheved’s distorted sight. Scar tissue which precluded previous plans for corrective surgery six years ago has simply disappeared. No evidence of it is on scans or other tests. This is the reason that surgery has been considered again. However, surgery is not recommended at this time. It might cause a setback for the patient who heals spontaneously. The doctors fear that they will damage Yocheved by trying to repair her double vision.”

HOWEVER, the decision was not final. One member of the medical team believes that it is possible to end my double vision without harming me. He was abroad when the other examining doctors met to make a conclusion regarding possible surgery. He had been unable to participate in the conclusion-making process. The patient representative who called me Purim day informed me that I will be updated after that researcher returns to Israel.

Meanwhile, I was left to conclude that “Instability” is a beautiful word. The Rofeh Holim (GOD the Healer) heals me without doctors. My “instability” is an astonishing blessing. If I could figure out what I've done to deserve that, I'd do it more often.

My eagerness for the corrective surgery has abated. Perhaps I do not need it because GOD will end the double vision.

I still needed new glasses after hearing the above remarks, though. The world had become quite blurry in the past few months. The medical team had advised me to wait until after surgery to know the best prescription to make for my "Maybe she won't need them" lenses. My private eye doctor, who helped me to see better with innovative exercises over the years, prescribed those new lenses in March. She is convinced that my organic foods, macrobiotic discipline, and refusal to use synthetic fabrics in my clothing or bedding have nothing to do with my recovered health and sight. She is convinced, as are the other doctors, that my will power alone, and GOD’s blessings, heal me. As I teach in the EMPOWER Yourself book, “Keep the door to GOD’s blessings open. Don’t slam it on GOD or the future. That prevents sweet possibilities from becoming part of your life.”

Stand by. Life remains miraculous. I’m living proof of that. I refused to give up. Failure was not my option. I coach ill people, helping them to identify their priorities and to develop plans for meeting their goals. People come to me after learning of my healing adventure, or after finding out that I have a tendency to calm down distraught people with a wealth of healing information and a sense of humor. 

Certified in Counseling Skills and in Spiritual Chaplaincy (end of life issues) plus as a Rescuer by Pikud HaOref, I write about mental health at the E-Counseling website ( I write about physical health elsewhere. The employers sought me out after reading some of my other writing. I earned my counseling and Health Information Management credentials while I was regaining vision and physical strength. I took on goals even as I limped to the finish lines. Goals motivated me to achieve, to thrive. It’s much more fun to be active than inactive, part of life rather than a recluse. I’ve made a choice not to be bitter about my background, but better for it.

Mimic me. Dare the universe to help you to heal. Invite miracles. Use the natural healing strategies that are known to work. Take chances on newer ones. Bless yourself by fostering medical miracles. Open the door to GOD, to the universe, and to a healthier you.

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Fill your time and actions with productivity. Relax as necessary, then resume your responsibilities.

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Audience that Reached for the Life Lessons to Help their Healing Along


4 Sivan, 5777

I'm back from a morning speaking engagement. My remarks were titled Fostering Medical Miracles. The crowd was quite interactive! People asked questions, responded to my remarks and sighed or gasped with me at specific intervals. Then they bought copies of the book.

Yes, my harrowing story turned out to be a miracle in the making. It can momentarily take your breath away to learn to the details.

It's a privilege to share insights about healing techniques that work. A blessing to be asked to address the pubic in this manner.

Want me to speak to your local interest group? Message me with your contact information.

Read about my astonishing recovery and the life lessons in it for YOU!

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Here's How to Find Help for People with Cancer, Disabilities, and...


3 Sivan, 5777

What a morning.

Once again, someone in dire medical straits has asked me what to do about a person with cancer, if I know who can help, etc.

Answer: Please read 

It's packed with such information in the Global Resources section which clues you in to:

  • Cutting-edge medical professionals,
  • How to win financial help with some or all of your specific medical bills,
  • How to secure medical travel assistance without monetary costs to you,
  • How to get free or affordable first-quality medical appliances,
  • and more.

Buy it for yourself or someone important to you.

There's a reason that the book has remained in the #1 spot for months at the Musella Foundation's Recommended Reading list.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Soothing Hearts and Minds after Horror


28 Iyar, 5777

I've weighed how to respond to the terrorism in Manchester, England. 

Though I write for a mental health site, and socialize with mental health professionals, I needed time to recover from my own sense of shock and sadness before I could attempt comforting anyone else.

I offer this  simple, sensible, 
somewhat soothing presentation:

Talking with Our Children 
after the Attack at Ariana Grande Concert

SKY NEWS has another version entitled How Do YOu Explain Terrorism to a Child?

The ideas in the articles can soothe adults, too.

I've been busy this past month, planning a community picnic with lots of fun activities. I'm grateful for the task, as I can return to focusing on life, sweetness and joy.

Let's all do what we can to promote and to share wholesome happiness. 

Read the E-book or print edition of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge. It's helpful for emotional and mental health issues, too.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Here's How Britons Can FEEL BETTER Fast!


22 Iyar, 5777

Breaking news!

A protester holds a placard during a march against private companies' involvement in the National Health Service (NHS) and social care services provision and against cuts to NHS funding in central London on March 4, 2017. People gathered to demonstrate at the rally publicised by the People's Assembly Against Austerity to demand a fully and publicly funded NHS and social care service, returned fully to public ownership and provision and to say no to cuts in NHS funding

Top doctor: GP service 'on brink of collapse'

The head of the British Medical Association's GP branch says the NHS has been paralysed by Brexit and calls for increased funding.

Britons - and everyone else who needs better health care - can learn about worldwide organizations willing to pay some or all of their specific medical care costs by reading

Solve your financial worries.

Get your grin back.

Learn about charitable organizations willing to whisk you away with medical air flights to better medical services and the care you need.

Find out how to acquire 1st-quality, price-reduced medical appliances, medication and medical care.

Read the book, especially the Global Resources section.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why ME, GOD?


21 Iyar, 5777

If you're experiencing physical, medical and/or mental/emotional setbacks, you've probably wondered silently or asked "Why ME, GOD?" or asked it out loud.

The question is a cry of intense pain.

The question is normal. 

If your clergy people insist that your question is not appropriate, they've overlooked the need to comfort you, to share the burden, to offer insights and comfort as much as reasonably possible.

Some people just don't get it.

You may accept or reject my effort to share some insight
into the question and your inner agony:

When GOD/The Universe wants us to change direction, things will happen that we can't expect or prevent. Our efforts seem to go unrewarded with the achievements we're pursuing.

That's the time to reassess what you're doing, and why.

Look for a pattern. When do roadblocks to your efforts tend to happen? What do the roadblocks tend to be?

What sort of pressure or life lesson are you resisting?

What have you got to lose by cooperating with the signals to make different efforts, to set different goals, to let go of old behavior patterns?

Can you assert your self control to at least experiment with new methods of thinking and behavior?

Think about that a bit.

I'll be back tomorrow. I hope to have some responses to my questions. You can send them to me via the response mechanism below or send them to

Buy the E-book or print edition of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

And keep asking yourself the questions above.

I'm looking forward to a clearer, happier future with you.

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism.

Fill your heart and mind with upbeat efforts and thoughts. You need them.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Inspiration in a Paint Bucket


13 Iyar, 5777

I haven't found out if severely arthritic Maud Lewis used paints from bucket or tubes, something else, or a combination of all that. But WOW she delivered inspiration to the rest of humanity stumbling through life.

A handicap is not something to limit your mind or spirit.

Maudie: Biopic of obscure painter becomes surprise hit

Maud Lewis's houseImage copyrightART GALLERY OF NOVA SCOTIA
Image captionMaud Lewis's house, which she painted herself

In her lifetime, Canadian artist Maud Lewis sold her paintings door to door. Decades after her death, a movie about her life story is selling out theatres in her home province of Nova Scotia.
A compulsive painter whose local following grabbed the attention of the media well before the days of Instagram, Lewis spent most of her life in Digby County, Nova Scotia, in a tiny house that would serve as her studio, gallery, and even canvas.
Alan Deacon, a long-time collector who has now become the go-to expert on Lewis' work, remembers the first time he came to see her in her house a couple of years before she died. Lewis had painted almost every surface of the 12ft (3.7m) by 12ft house with pictures of flowers and leaves, from the walls to the shutters to even her pots and pans.
"It was an unbelievable experience to think that a place like this existed in our time," he told the BBC.

Painting of deer in winter by Maud Lewis.Image copyrightART GALLERY OF NOVA SCOTIA.
Image captionDeer in Winter, circa 1950 by Maud Lewis. Oil on pulpboard. Collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Now, a movie about her life and the discovery of a long-lost painting in a thrift store have renewed interest in this eccentric but charming painter.

Read the rest of the story here.

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Why should Maud have had all the fun?

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism.

Fill your mind with empowering ideas, then pursue them.

Monday, May 8, 2017

When Someone Belittles Your Efforts and Challenges...


12 Iyar, 5777

As someone who knows from the very cells of her being what it is like to face a world unaware of the subtleties of my efforts to cope with limited vision, plus other sequelae of the neurological damage from an emergency surgery to save my life, I appreciate your unhappiness at having your medical and/or mental health efforts trivialized by other people, too.

I know and fully appreciate the agony of hearing my realities, and yours, belittled by someone who claims to know instant solutions for any of them. And so, I share the following message with you.

OMIGAWD I sympathize with your anger, 
frustration and unhappiness!

Over the years I've noticed some alleged motivational speakers and writers who give me pause. They claim that everything is - or soon can be - FINE, despite the wide range of devastating problems for the people suffering through them. Worse, the motivational speaker/writer praises one person for talking about how they finessed their way through some personal hell of a specific challenge, claiming that "SEE? ALL PROBLEMS CAN BE OVERCOME!"
The oversimplification is a betrayal of people 
in desperate need of solutions, 
not feel-good talk. 

People facing life-altering problems need 
coping skills, 
social acceptance 
and inner strength 
to face their issues, not superficial comments..

NONE of them are discovered in a day, barring unforeseen miracles.

I highly doubt that this message will change/improve people who boast of oversimplified solutions for complicated problems. 

However, I'm hopeful that I can soothe people left feeling more wounded after reading or hearing unrealistic "Motivational" remarks.

Some days it's better to stay off the keyboard. Keep the video recorder in its case and let humanity seek realistic solutions to vexing problems... 

As for the rest of us, we can take a vacation from the monitor that someone uses to insult you or me... sigh...

EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

PS - I appreciate the readers who wondered why I had not posted updates last week. The answer is that I was mourning the loss of lives throughout Israel's history on Israel's Memorial Day, enjoying Israel's Independence Day celebrations, and sharing quality time with loved ones.

Now I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming :^ D

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism.

Fill your heart and mind with strength. Don't allow it to be stolen or belittled.