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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Coping with - and GOD Willing PREVENTING Cancer How-to


23 Av, 5773

Scientists Seek to Rein In Diagnoses of Cancer


Some of the top scientists in cancer research are recommending sweeping changes in the approach to detection and treatment, including eliminating the word cancer entirely from some common diagnoses.

Sounds impressive, no? 

But have you considered the fact the the natural healing world has documented evidence of healing and preventing cancer - without health-threatening drugs or drug-induced suffering? You or someone important to you can benefit from that.

If you're on Facebook. check out Blissness, Health & Fasting to see what I mean.

Want to learn about cutting-edge naturopaths and other alternative/complementary healers? 

Several accomplished individuals are listed in The Global Resources section of 

If you already have cancer, the book can help you 
to cope with and to prevent 
challenging aspects of it: 

Chaotic appointment schedules, 
Paperwork messups, 
Rude relatives & medical personnel,
Medical costs (read the Global Resources section 
to learn of organizations 
willing to pay part or all of your costs!)
Stuff for brightening a sick child's life
and LOTS more.

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Food can cure you and prevent future health problems.  Let it.


Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Promote a Healthy Society: Award Teachers for Excellence!


19 Av, 5773

This blog is devoted to health, including social health.

One of the best ways to protect the health of any society is to treat its teachers well. Promoting teacher-thus- student excellence is the key to producing functional, content members of society. 

The wider world has the Pearson Teaching Award, the Teachers of Physics Award and so on. What of the Jewish world? Read on!

Good Jewish Teachers Should Also Get Rewards

"Jewish Continuity" has become a byword for the diaspora Judaism's concern about the future of the Jewish community. As the intermarriage rate continues to climb, Jewish educators in particular, feel the weight of the community's alarm. Proposed solutions point to Jewish education as the core element that can, if properly implemented, ensure a strong and vibrant Jewish society of the future.

Dozens of Jewish organizations and institutions devote themselves to the question of how to best educate Jewish community members of the future. These young generations must be inspired to become active members and leaders in the Jewish world. Some organizations identify with a particular Jewish stream or philosophy while other institutions promote a specific educational mode or framework for Jewish learning.

The larger Jewish leadership seems to be focusing on Jewish education in its entirety. Some groups, however, have decided to focus on individual Jewish educators whose creative and effective teaching and role-modeling can make a big difference in a young person's life. The inspiration, motivation and desire to identify Jewishly that an effective teacher imparts to his or her student can, hopefully, create a desire on the part of the student to emulate this special educator. This is seen most specifically in regard to the student's future commitment to the Jewish religion, culture and community.

In order to address the importance of effective Jewish educators in creating a high quality Jewish educational framework in the diaspora the Milken Family Foundation (MFF) has established a Jewish Education Award. The Award was created to acknowledge the efforts of outstanding educators and to honor these individuals for their work, their professional leadership, their community involvement and their support of their students and students' families.  

Lowell Milken a long time player in the education field believes that a Jewish Day School education is the best way to nourish a child's Jewish identity. Day school education guides a young Jewish student to develop strong Jewish values and remain faithful to his or her Jewish heritage. MFF has embarked on a project that publicly honors some of the talented and dedicated educators who work tirelessly to make Jewish education an exciting and engaging experience for students and families. The Award  aims to strengthen the Jewish Day School movement by recognizing the contributions that superior Jewish educators make to the Jewish community.

Award recipients include teachers, teaching specialists and administrators who work in Jewish Day School system. The MFF Jewish Educator's Award has been presented to educational professionals  from more than 40 schools nationwide. This coveted award recognizes the recipient's scholarship, creativity and compassion in their teaching.  

"Teachers are evaluated based on their educational practices in the classroom as well their relationship with their student's families and with the larger Jewish community. The award recognizes the educator's originality in educational methods and leadership skills which then influence policies that affect their school's children, families and community.

Each year a group of educators are chosen to receive the Milken Educators Award. They are selected by a committee of professional educators and lay community leaders. Recipients must teach in a Board of Jewish Education-affiliated school in their city at the K-12 level. Honorees receive $15,000 together with the acknowledgement of the Milken Family Foundation and their own communities."

Award recipients come from throughout the United States. One of the first recipients was (now my neighbor in Israel) teacher Shira Smiles from Yeshiva University of Los Angeles Girls High School. She was honored in 1998 for her work with her students and their families. Shira now lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh outside of Jerusalem and continues to share her knowledge with her neighbors and other women through her weekly classes. She has also written a book, Torah Tapestries: Bereshis, with special insights into the 1st book of the Chumash.

Smiles' book explores a variety of themes including human culpability for evil, the imagery and meaning of light, maturity and righteous olam asiya and more. 

What about your health and medical concerns? Buy the E-book or print edition of a book that medical and mental health professionals recommend: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

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Nominate a book you like for an award. Here's how. And this is how to nominate books with Jewish content for awards.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Woman Who Cracked the DNA Code and... How to Feel Better FAST!


18 Av, 5773

It's been a slow week for medical news, so I've indulged in a bit of time off from this blog. Then...

I found something to share with you via today's GOOGLE DOODLE, dedicated to a woman cheated of acclaim in the science world. 

Click on her name, Rosalind Franklin, to learn about that historic fact. You'll see that Google Doodle, via the link, too.

Here's a prophetic warning
about the utter chaos of
the (UN)affordable (Lack of) Healthcare Act

I pray that people around the world will be better served by their governments and medical professionals. 

Politicians need only promote healthcare, not to inhibit it. Taxpayers are better off healthy, not increasingly ill or dead.

Since I know how hard it has been 
(for SO many reasons)
to secure adequate healthcare 
I wrote 

Medical and mental health professionals praise it on and off the cover. 

Half the book helps you to calm down, to sort out complicated issues, and to get your grin back. 

The second half of the book informs you of charitable organizations willing to pay part or all of your healthcare needs - around the world! All you need to do is to contact the organizations and indicate why you need the assistance.

I gathered the information in the book from colleagues I'd met in my former Health Information Management profession and from subsequent research.

I also invested what I know about human nature and needs in the book. I'm certified in Counseling Skills and in Spiritual Chaplaincy. People contact me around the clock for information and soothing ideas they need.

Buy the E-book or print edition today for a brighter tomorrow. Click on the words EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism.

Feel better fast when you EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Get that Child OUT of the Car NOW!


14 Av, 5773

Many hearts are broken after people leave children in cars while running errands. The time saved can turn into a lifetime of grief.

When you exit a vehicle, take the child/ren with you. 

Children first. Period.

No shortcuts.

I understand that firefighters recommend that when breaking a window you should 

(A) pick a side window (not front or back) as far away from the child as possible and 

(B) try to poke it from the corner rather than smashing it through the center.

Children first. Period.

Even if you're forgetful. 
Lives depend on you.

Children first.

Take a look and save a life. 

A glance into parked cars can save lives.

If you walk past a vehicle, look inside. 
Make sure children were not left in it. 

If they were,

Dealing with medical, mental health or disability issues? Read what medical and mental health professionals recommend. Buy the E-book or print edition of  EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge.  

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism.

Find better ways to save time. Endangering little ones at your convenience is not the way to go.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Cooling Down Dramatically from the Heat Wave


12 Av, 5773

I feel miserable just reading about America's heat wave, and I live in the always-hot Middle East!

Boston to Chicago: More Than 100 Million Feel Stifling Heat
Plain and simple, this week may feel the worst of any week for this summer in the Northeast and parts of the Midwest. The region will be a virtual sauna bath.

Britons aren't doing much better. Roads are melting in Cambridge, possibly elsewhere. Wildfires and drownings are part of the horror

The heat and humidity can be physically plus emotionally draining. 

Lack of sleep due to heat stress worsens the problems. 

Feel better after you read

Too hot to sleep? 10 ways to beat the heat

Buy the E-book or print edition of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge.  

It's full of temper-cooling wisdom for when you're upset with a diagnosis, how medical people, neighbors or relatives treat you, and if you need to lower the financial cost of your care. 

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism.

Feel yourself cool down by taking the good advice in the articles linked above. 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Surfing Past a Heat Wave!


10 Av, 5773

I came through yesterday's 9Av fast day without problems, as usual. I was grateful for the blessing of lower temperatures, which made thirst less of an issue.

But WOW I'm doing double-takes at HIGH temperature readings around the world.

Do yourselves, your kids and anyone ill or elderly a favor: Make sure that EVERYBODY drinks lots of liquids such as water

Tea is fine, coffee is not (it makes you urinate more often than if you didn't drink it). Soup is good, too. Cold soup like borscht or cucumber soup would be delightful, delicious and a lifesaver.

Cool down more with sedentary activities such as reading, doing crafts, watching videos or listening to soothing music. You can surf through and way past potential problems that way.

Make triple sure that children and pets are NOT left in hot vehicles or other places. 

Heat kills quickly. Heat stroke is no joke.

Let me know what you're doing to stay comfortable.


Buy the E-book or print edition of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge. That can cool your temper instead of sweating through questions such as "What do I do with my medical, mental health or disability issue?" days! 

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. 
Face Your Future with Optimism. 

Faucets are refreshing. Use them!


Monday, July 15, 2013

What Does Your Prescription DO for You?


8 Av, 5773

Empowering patients is what my efforts are all about. One important issue is to understand what the drugs you take do for - possibly against - you. You need to know which things can't be taken together, what to expect from your prescriptions and a bit more.

Today I'm sharing some websites for you to learn about health problems and medications you take or need to understand for some reason.

The and websites tend to be quite reliable. And, they let you research medical conditions plus the treatments prescribed by doctors.

Pharmaceutical information explains drugs. Here are some links to let you better understand those drugs, their risks, side effects and benefits. 

These sites are NOT the only information you need, only a starting point: and

Need to know something else related to your medical or mental health issues - perhaps someone else's? Let me know. I can try to find out some facts for you or let you know what's already in my files.

I plan to be offline tomorrow as it will be one of the saddest days on the Jewish calendar, Tisha B'Av. Jews worldwide will be fasting, praying and resolving to being better than we've been before.

Buy the E-book or print edition of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge.  Learn of wonderfully helpful resources to help you to calm down, prevent problems and even pay your medical costs as you...

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism. 

And face your challenges one at a time.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ICD-10 Medical Coding and You


2 Av, 5773

It's a somber time on the Jewish calendar, the first 9 Days of Av. They culminate on a day on which we pray very hard to continue to improve our characters and to earn the Messianic era.

In my day-to-day life of pursuing knowledge about medical information to benefit my readers, I took a hard look at this April news item from MedPage Today some time ago:

Docs’ Charting Falls Short of ICD-10 Demands  
SAN FRANCISCO -- Nearly 65% of clinical documentation doesn’t contain enough information for coders to use for billing under the upcoming ICD-10coding system, a survey of patient charts found.full story

I understood a serious need to know 
what ICD-10 coding portends for us mortals.

Today I enrolled in a Health Information Management aka Medical Coding Skills course in which I'll learn  ICD-10 medical coding. It becomes effective in October 2014. 

Controversial and PRICEY Obamacare probably goes into effect after mid-term 2014 elections. Some timing for a Healthcare Affordability Act, hmmm? 

Medical coding, by the way, is a means of translating entire medical records into a series of numbers. Those numbers tell insurers, medical researchers and other people in the medical world 

  • Exactly what the patient suffered from, 
  • What was done to relieve their situation, and 
  • What failed 

without having to read lots and lots and LOTS of medical documents.

Medical coding is a sophisticated method of communication that accomplishes many positive purposes. I've only given you a brief overview of all that in this blogpost.

Let me know if you have questions about the forthcoming changes to worldwide medical coding practices. I'll answer them if I can.

Buy the E-book or print edition of cost-cutting, question-answering and soothing EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge today! 

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism. 

Face change with adequate information.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Haveil Havalim #(FOOEY! I forgot which one this is) the MURDER MYSTERY Edition!


26 Tamuz, 5773

I'm hostessing another Haveil Havalim Blog Carnival
Without further ado, read on!

Summer's marching on and the Jewish world is mid-way through The Three Weeks! Not scary enough for you? Check out Ruti Mizrachi's Do YOU Like Murder Mysteries?

You know how readers have to sort through a clutter of  clues and false leads to find the answer to something - let alone a murder mystery!? Batya Medad reminds us that One Person's Clutter is Another Person's Treasure.

Laura Wenger presents some good4U eye candy - it might even please your 

with Sketching it Out: JPIX Jewish Photo Boggers Carnival 2013!  

Um, Rafi Goldmeier has a heckuva photo-shoot at Get a LOAD of THIS Picture! (Life in Israel can be startling at times)

It's one of those Eastmans again (luv that buncha boys and their fab football team family!) with Dovid's When GOD Means... Nothing?

Ruti Eastman has more intellectual and heartfelt gold for us at Eim HaBanim Smaikha: From Seed to Tree.

Rivkah Lambert Adler (an acquaintance from The Old Country) shares A Guest's Point of View from "My Mirpeset".

 Here's a history lesson that won't put you to sleep, class:
Betarim in North America - Tel Hai.

Efraim Zuroff presents a solid case for Nazis in their 90s are NOT too Old to Prosecute.

Jeff Dunetz scolds h-h—h-Hadassah and reformed Jewry (for pity’s sake if they’ve reformed they’d get with the Torah Life is a COMMANDMENT not an optional app program already. Sheesh) at Shame on YOU! 

Jeff's prognosticating (fancy word on my part, huh?) political developments with BREAKING: Full Military Coup Underway 

(ED. Note from Yocheved: As I went to sleep last night I wondered if Egypt as we'd known it - or Morsi - would still exist when we awoke this morning. Or even by the time I switched off the PC for "lights out." UAE leaders seem to fight to the death. It's quite an established pattern for them. Is voluntarily leaving office THAT distasteful to you, guys?)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali puts the UN in it's scholastically challenged, amoral (Immoral? Discuss!) place with 2-State Delusion.

Back to Batya: Let's learn how she made it through shiva for her mom With a Little Help from Friends.

Notice how that lo-n-n-g-ago Arab Spring has churned in to a long, hot summer? Why are politicians (yes YOU Kerry) pestering Israel while people are dying en masse in Syria and Egypt?

Orit Riter invites you to calm down and increase your emuna at Daily Dose of Emuna.

Summertime and music is on everybody's mind. Here's something from the formative years of many HHers:

I like Poogy/Kaveret's clever humor and simple fun at nobody's expense. I do not enjoy "entertainers" who hurt actual people with meanness as a form of public amusement. Kaveret caught up with pro-Israel thought processes at an exciting time in history (not that we teens necessarily appreciated that to the full extent). It was good, clean, wholesome fun that helped us to mature. Here's a few more hours of their fun (er, don't you have a day job?).

What's a Israeli summer without reminiscing about Israel's quintessential woman of song Naomi Shemer? Yehoram Gaon does a great send up with I Have not Yet Loved Enough

I'll leave you with Naomi's
wonderful heart and voice a la 

and Yerushalayim Shel Zahav

Please play Jerusalem of Gold 
at every pro-Jerusalem, 
Yehuda and Shomron rally you go to.

Local politicians need to comprehend 
Naomi's message. And GOD's.

A personal note from YG: I'm celebrating 11 years of a fulfilling life in the Holy Land this week (HAT TIP: GOD). I arrived on the first-ever NBN plane. Not bad for a hayseed from Dee-trawt.

Today's an important date in Jewish history, but on the non-Jewish calendar. We salute you, Yoni הי'ד!

BTW, here's a post close to my heart and personal interests. It's about the difficult life that disabled people face in Israel (no thanks to bull-headed bureaucrats and clueless citizenry): MORE & Better Accessibility NEEDED!  (ever wonder how the elephant never being discussed feels as you chat so pretend-nonchalantly in the living room?)

I hope you appreciate this blog and my various writing efforts. You can hire my content-provider and public speaking skills.

Yocheved Golani
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SKIP the 4th of July Fireworks! Here's Why...


25 Tamuz, 5773

Year after year I listen to medical professionals moaning about the self-inflicted damage of people who've lost their eyes, hands and other body parts due to using fireworks. 

Sometimes, other people are hurt by simply being nearby.

Please click on Artificial Eye-Maker's Message to the Public.

Find a safer way to have fun. Nothing explosive, OK?

Facing some sort of medical, emotional or financial setback due to injury or illness? Find solutions you need. Buy the E-book or print edition of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

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Feel happy without endangering anyone.