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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Give Yourself a Mental Health Minute!


26 Shvat, 5777

I'm delighted to see the reader reactions to my various articles at

Here's what's happening at Facebook, let alone the comments under some of my bylines at

Dealing with depression, or is it dealing with you? Here's some help outta the mess.

Now you can benefit from A-Z options for online therapy to heal those problems (and/or your headaches and heartaches), too!

Esther Hilf Revivo Bravo on an EXCELLENT article Yocheved! This is filled to the brim with useful information not only for those with depression, but family members who can go through the sites you mentioned above and nudge their loved ones to the places most suited to help them deal with their depression. Well researched, written with expertise and concise. Kudos!! (That was my comment. Sharing this!)
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Angela Schapiro very important info. Thanks Yocheved. I love your book.
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a different article I'd written:

Do you feel better, yet?

Optimal well-being for you is not the same as optimal well-being for someone else. Each person’s genetic, chemical, environmental, cultural and mental realties are different.

Angela Schapiro I noticed that when I eat sensibly and exercise regularly, I am confident and at peace. I love your articles.
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Yocheved Golani Angela may I copy/paste your comment to my blogspot blog?
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Angela Schapiro of course! all the best...
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