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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Food for Thought

July 28, 12 Av 5767

Scott Rose is a NYC-based writer. He read increasingly better drafts of my manuscript over time these past two years. Here is his recent assessment of "It's MY Crisis!":

"One of the things that makes you and your book so special is that in facing a truly dreadful crisis, you summoned inner and outer resources to a positive personal outcome, and you are able in the book to communicate what was involved in your doing that to people who will benefit from learning of your experiences and recommendations as regards coping."

I invite readers of this blog to send comments to me directly or to post them to this blog, as you wish. The interactive forum enables me to share information with readers who need it, prior to the distribution of my book. That arrangement has helped several people already, as you can tell by clicking on "Comments" to my posts.

Here is one of several such "interactive" examples that started with a message that appeared among my personal E-mails. It is one of many instances when the information in my book provided concrete assistance to people facing medical crisis. I removed personal details to protect the privacy of all concerned:

----- Original Message -----

From: "" <>

To: <>

Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 2:24 PM

Subject: [BS/RBS list] Urgent appeal to help a young South African boy

Please can you forward this e-mail to any friends or family who may be able to help. A few weeks ago, while [abroad] on [a particular] one year training course for counselors to teens, [a young South African man] was admitted into [hospital] and diagnosed with leukemia.

[He] matriculated last year… is a popular member of [a specific social group]who has displayed leadership skills, drive and commitment to his charges and a love for imparting [knowledge and skills] as a counselor.

Seriously ill, he will now be requiring ongoing chemotherapy and in due course a bone marrow transplant…. [He] will need to be medically treated [in his location abroad] over a sustained period of time. He will need the support and care of his immediate family for the duration of the necessary treatments.

[Several international organizations] have endorsed a fund that is being set up to provide financial assistance to [the young man] and his family while [abroad]. The main areas of need will be in assisting with travel costs, accommodation and subsistence in as well as any other necessities.

* An urgent appeal is made** to the [wider] community to contribute towards this fund, which will be administered by a responsible communal panel with representatives of the above bodies, and the input of a professional social worker. *

*The appeal has been made on behalf of a family that really needs support at this very difficult time. Without it [the young man] would have to undergo major treatment while being separated for a long time from his mother, father and sister and with no immediate family to care for him. *

* *

[Contribution information was included with the message.]

Identity Deleted for Reasons of Privacy

I "CC'ed the writer above as well as some social workers involved with the case with information about potentially helpful medical organizations and individuals named in the "Resources" section of my book. Here is the result so far, a comment by one of the social workers on the case who permits me to use his name:

July 25 2007

Shalom Yocheved

Thank you for this important info

I will pass it on to our Social Worker, ____, who is dealing with the case

Regards, Dorron Kline

The social worker alluded to soon indicated to me that the young man's family is cheered with the list of resources I provided for both the foreign country in which their son is hospitalized, and for relevant resources in the wider world. My goal is to help people to prolong their lives and/or to heal, and to maximize their human dignity throughout their medical crisis. I hope to let you know that this goal is achieved with the young man referenced above, and with other people communicating with me. All the best, Yojeved

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Zohar

July 22, 6 Av 5767

Like you, I'm trying to keep track of the body count in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." I don't believe I've come across anything this deadly in literature other than in MacBeth and Hamlet. Whew!

Lots of choices being made, and much action flying across the pages. This story is not about passivity. And that leads in to my purpose for today's post.

The real point of today's update about my book is this: The Zohar teaches us “That which you see and hear you cannot help. What you say and do is up to you alone.”

That's a lesson from GOD, not J.K. Rowling. It's about taking action to help yourself and to help others.

Now, suppose Harry Potter used his head as the Zohar instructs students of its wisdom to think. Suppose all his readers did the same. Gather information about the wisdom of the Creator, study it with an expert scholar in these matters, and ponder your reactions to various stimuli very carefully. A person's goal should always focus on what GOD wants her/him to do about issues in life. Even Professor Dumbledore knew and respected the fact that a higher power than he existed.

Heads up, Hogwarts lovers and others! The Torah presents us with cases of a live talking mule, a talking, walking snake that lives on in infamy, a magical rock that gushes forth water for thirsty desert wanderers on command, mountains that squeeze murderers to death before they harm another soul and lots more supernatural stuff done without wands!

A reader contacted me to ask about what to do when someone doesn’t believe in GOD. My response is this: Simply act in as honest and respectful a manner as possible at all times. Be a person of integrity. Don’t lie, betray others, don’t steal ideas, friends or money. Use your sense of humor as productively as possible and develop a sense of humor if you need one. Reinforce your thoughts with upbeat messages to yourself and, when you have down moods, dwell on those upbeat thoughts.

If you reject the concept of GOD’s existence and/or desire for your best welfare, engage in a pleasant dialogue relationship with a clergyman or religious friend you respect. Read spiritually oriented materials and pay attention to similar fare on videos, CDs, tapes and websites. Give yourself permission to think about GODliness and do not weigh your mind or heart down with other agendas such as “I’ll pretend to be religious,” or “I’m going to become religious.” Simply do the exploration and educate yourself about the concepts of spirituality and GOD. Your spirituality can unfold from that point forward. And the "Harry Potter" series of books can put much of that information into an understandable context for you.

Something that I strongly advocate in my book is sensible eating habits. That includes protective internal cleansing, to get toxins and other bad stuff out of your system. When the body cleans out, it is like a lantern. The soul which is always shining brightly and beautifully, is the candle. When the glass on the lantern becomes clean, the light of the candle can be seen by all. You will see it, too. Gee, and you thought that mere magical chocolates were fun.

By the way, one of the interesting things going on behind the scenes of this blog is that a growing number of publishers are approaching me following my announcement that Booklocker will produce my book. I wish to achieve specific goals, and I'm selective about which publishers I'll consider. Stay tuned for news about how I achieve those very goals and why Booklocker is happy to participate in my achievement of them.

All the best, Yojeved

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Loving Thought

July 17, 2 Av 5767

One of the "Coping with illness" tools in my book is subtly presented in every chapter. Very subtly. Then I present that tool to my readers with a bit of flourish at the end, so that it can be pondered, savored and valued for its richness.


It can be maddening to think that love has anything to do with being so sick, perhaps fatally so. Then again, consider the thought I share here as well as in my forthcoming book:

Ponder the gift of a powerful new reality in your life as you read the words “Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction." –Antoine de Saint-Exupery

For people who've invested effort in trying to define love, or even happiness, for people who ask "WHY?" in the midst of suffering, Saint-Exupery presents a key to the lock that can free you from misery. I'll be writing more about love in the coming weeks and future posts.

All the best, Yocheved

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Look Who's Using My Book (with permission) Before it's Published!

July 10, 24 Tamuz 5767

Yesterday I posted a reference to some exciting developments about my book that I'd share in the foreseeable future. This item below is just too precious to hold back from you. It is a message I received this week from a prominent psychiatrist (to a colleague). He is also a prolific author:

Yocheved gave me her manuscript on "It's My Crisis." I have given it (with her permission) to several cancer patients on chemotherapy and they found it very helpful. I think it would be a great mitzvah to make this available to all who may need it.
Abraham J. Twerski, MD

Here's bit of vocabulary help for international readers of my blog and my soon-to-be-released book: a mitzvah is a good deed, the fulfillment of one of GOD's many commandments (there are more than the widely known 10).

Several months ago, I received this note from one of Dr. Twerski's colleagues:

“Friends of ours have a young child recently diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy (currently a terminal diagnosis). I assisted them with [It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To]... It enabled them to face their challenge with strength.” Psychotherapist Jonathan Dove, UK

Okay healers in the medical and mental health worlds, you read the news here first. "It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To: A Life book that Helps You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge" can help your patients and clients.

The release date of "It's MY Crisis!" is fast approaching. You'll be able to buy it here and through my publisher first. Keep coming back to this blog as your number one source of a tool to help your life or someone else's ;^)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Book Reviews Coming to a Publication Near You!

July 9, 23 Tamuz 5767

Editors at a few publications have indicated that reviews of my book will be in print and/or online next month. I'll keep you updated about actual dates of appearance as they occur.

Other interesting things are happening in regard to my book and I'm delighted about that. As soon as I've figured out how to phrase the fast-paced dynamics briefly and coherently, I'll recap the events on this blog. Stand by for news!

Meanwhile, check out this advance publicity for my book:

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Charitable, Medical/Mental Health and Social Services Organizations Can Send My Book to Constituents

July 4, 18 Tamuz 5767

Here's an opportunity for social services, religious and medical/mental health organizations to help their constituencies: buy desired quantities of my book and send special printings for your organizations as a mailing.

Rabbi Raphael Butler of Afikim ( is recommending that very idea to his acquaintances. Now how did he know one of the very strategies specified in my book proposal's marketing plan?

Rabbi Butler, I salute you for your insight, and your appreciation of the advance copy of my manuscript. Blessings to you and to all my readers, Yocheved.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

People Around the World Want Information From My Book! I Can Share it on Airwaves in Print and Online.

July 3, 17 Tamuz 5767

Soon after word was out in 2006 that I'd begun writing my book, people began contacting me to learn about its content. The phenomenon continues until today. These folks want to prolong or to save someone's life and the quality of that life.

A medical crisis affects everyone in the family, as well as the friends and colleagues of the affected individual.

I've been contacted by all kinds of people urgently seeking the coping skills information and the contact information for therapists with cutting-edge treatments/healing therapies that are in my book. Those seekers of information hail from the UK, Europe, the USA and Middle East. They are family, friends and other acquaintances of the ill person they wish to help.

The pace has increased since I gave my speech in Jerusalem. A man wants to save someone with a brain tumor in Belgrade, an American woman wants to find out new ways to treat breast cancer, someone in South Africa needs to know about above-average help for someone with ADD, an Irish lass wants to learn about still another form of rescue. I've even been asked to use my own Life Coaching skills on someone suffering mental anguish and I'm not even a therapist. That person heard about me from someone associated with my Life Coaching course, then remembered hearing about me after my recent speech in Jerusalem.

I welcome book store owners to contact me to speak about my book in their shops. Media people can schedule interviews with me. All you have to do is to send a message to

Book reviews are already scheduled to appear in Israeli magazines and US newspapers.

Let your readers, listeners and viewers learn how to dry their tears and to cope better with a medical crisis. Contact me to schedule an interview appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!

If you wish to receive a Media Release with my publisher's information and more exciting news from me, let me know at

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Booklocker is Publishing my Book! You'll Be Able to Buy a Copy in Six Weeks!

July 1, 15 Tamuz 5767


The publisher of my two novels will soon bring my nonfiction book for helping people in medical crisis to the public. Booklocker (situated in Maine, USA) expects to have my book available for purchase six weeks from now.

As soon as the book is ready, I will post a hotlink URL to my publisher's order page at this blog. Then, you can be one of the first people to buy my book. All you'll need is a credit card.

“It’s MY Crisis! And I’ll Cry if I Need to: A Life Book for Drying Your Tears and Coping with a Medical Challenge” will also be available by special order through bookstores, and eventually stocked on the shelves of select stores.

You can spend the end of summer learning, perhaps sharing, techniques for coping with medical crises. And, no joke, you can prepare for the winter gift-giving season by purchasing extra copies for loved ones, friends and colleagues. Now that advance preparation can do a lot for peace of mind!

All the best, Yojeved