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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WHY Would You - or I - Limit WiFi?


6 Nissan 5769

PCs and other digital technologies are necessary parts of present-day lifestyles. But you might decide to limit how much you use them after reading why WiFi and other Electromagnetic Field sources endanger your health and everyone else's:

The prestigious
World Health Organization
is also concerned about WiFi/EMF threats to health

Listen to my most recent online presention to catch some comments about the brain tumor-EMF connection.

Going low-tech can be good for your health. And that of your pets!

CLICK HERE to remember when I warned you about the health hazards from Fluorescent Light Bulbs on February 20 2008.

Forewarned is forearmed. You can switch to incandescent bulbs, stop saving money for an early funeral and see better, too.

Click on I'm Buying Yocheved's Book
to Learn Why
Medical Professionals Suspected
that Radiation had Caused
Her Brain Tumors,
and then Doing What She Did
to Improve Her Health.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's very cheerful blogpost. It'll bring smiles to many faces.

Signing off my PC for the day,

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Monday, March 30, 2009

Was Your Medical Device Approved by Dr. Dog? As in a Four-pawed "Doctor"?


5 Nissan 5769

Sorry for the late blogpost. I spent time verifying the news below.

Click on these links to
prepare yourself
for a frightening reality and
today's blogpost:

I read the news sites cited above and gasped. The lesson to be learned is a sad one, especially for people who rely on medical practitioners and their tools: Triple-check the integrity of any device, medication and therapy used in your care.

I know from personal experience
that life-threatening illness does
not afford much (if any) free time.

proposed medical care
is essential.

Coax friends and loved ones
to help you with that task.

Here's why:

In a Government Accountability Office (GAO) sting, investigators were able to invent and register a fictitious review board with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), complete with a fictitious panel of doctors and a canine president named "Truper Dawg" (named after a real pet dog that had long since passed away).

Names of other board members on the fictitious organization approved by the Department of Health and Human Services included "April Phuls" and "Timothy Wittless." These names apparently did not raise any suspicions at the HHS (did the U.S. government believe that the review board was being run by a group of badly-named rappers?).

Things get worse: To check out the credibility of the allegedly legitimate Independent Review Boards (IRBs), the GAO invented a fictitious medical product called Adhesiabloc -- an adhesive gel used as a kind of "stomach superglue" following surgery. A proposal to begin a clinical trial of this adhesive gel on humans was submitted to an FDA-recognized IRB company. The fake company approved it even though the clinical trial called for pouring one liter of this adhesive gel into patient's stomaches.

The ethical bankruptcy of the situation
begs comprehension!

The IRB that fell for the ruse was Coast IRB, LLC of Colorado Springs. Coast IRB was caught in the fraudulent act, and then blamed the GAO investigators for violating federal law by misrepresenting themselves by submitting false credentials to the review company.

Medical review companies are supposed to notice and prevent such malpractice. That's the purpose they're supposed to serve! But Coast IRB apparently proceeds by trusting everything they're told by any person or company applying for review. The efficacy and safety of the medical products to be tested seem to be irrelevant to Coast IRB.

Coast IRB is one of 6,300 IRBs (Independent Review Boards) certifying pharmaceutical trials and medical device trials for consideration by the FDA. So be forewarned.

As you consider using "FDA-approved" medical devices or drugs, remember: In
America, the Department of Health and Human Services once certified a fictitious review company headed by a dead dog!

If the GAO can pull this off after running the sting on just 3 companies, the potential for fraud by the 6,300 IRBs is huge: they could potentially certify dangerous and/or deadly
medical devices and pharmaceuticals right now!

Even the Ivy League isn't immune to the problem:

Harvard Researchers Subpoenaed

Medical professionals and their patients can't simply rely on the present medical device oversight system in America today. Paperwork prepared by cunning individuals could lead to review board approval for almost any sort of medical device.

Since HHS accepts the credentials of fictitious review boards, it is frighteningly apparent that the overseers of the review boards are incompetent. The credibility of the system remains suspect. And with instances of corruption at the FDA, we have to be on guard, wondering "how safe are the medical devices and pharmaceuticals being used by over a hundred million Americans and foreign recipients?"

The matter is a criminal,
ethical nightmare
threatening lives.

Ask your medical professionals to be careful with you. They might not realize how they could be misled.

And pray hard. Often. To your good health,

Yocheved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do YOU Eat Drugged-out Fish?


1 Nisan 5769

Whew, moving is hard work. But here's something I'll take time to share with you as I relocate my office: my book and recent video explain part of the reason I won't eat most fish. But this news story explains another aspect of why I consider most fish as unfit for humans to dine on:

Gee, I wonder if mental health professionals will start realizing that some stressed out people might simply be poisoned from dinner, and not in need of better coping strategies.

sigh. Order pizza or some other safe comfort food. Some fish should simply be kept as pets.

Report: 271 Million Pounds of Pharmaceuticals Released Into U.S. Waterways

Click on I'm Buying Yocheved's Book and Finding Out What Else She Knows About Safe and Unsafe Foods.

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Live! From Rusty Mike Radio, it's Gonna Be... Yocheved Golani!


I'm relocating my office this week and then begin to prepare for Passover. I'll update the blog as much as possible under the time-consuming circumstances.

Maybe we can make up missed time
on the air
and chat together.

Call me on the Rusty Mike Radio Show on April 19 (a Sunday) to ask YOUR questions about how to cope with medical crises. Rusty Mike is an all-English radio show in Jerusalem. The Israeli phone number is 02-563 1492.

I expect to "Go Live!" from 10:30-11:00 AM. Synchronize your clocks with Israel's (we'll be on Daylight Savings Time as of March 26/27).

Know your overseas dialing instructions? It's your country's Israel Code+972.2.563.1492, I believe. Double check with your overseas operator.

Turn your PC speakers down so static won't mess up your real-time call.

Stand by for an exciting
announcement or two on the show.
You might even win something;^ )

Looking forward to your calls,


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Terrific Treatment for Alcohol, Drug Addictions!


28 Adar 5769

One of the mental health professionals who endorsed my book on the back cover is award-winning psychiatrist Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski. His specialty is helping addicts to beat their addictions.

A freelance journalist, I had reported on the phenomenally high success rate of his work many years ago. My article isn't available online, but you can click on Dr. Twerski's Gateways Program to learn how to enroll in it.

Here's a resource for inmates at Baltimore City Detention Center in Maryland, USA: Acupuncture Helps Addicted Inmates to ease their cravings so they can make more focused efforts at living sensible lives.

I've worked with addicts in a very minor capacity. Professionals, criminals, you name the situation. Addiction is not fussy about choosing whom to hurt.

I appreciate the heroic effort it takes to stop Stinkin' Thinkin' and to stay clean.

Click on
I'm Buying Yocheved's Book to Find Out Why Award-Winning Addictions Therapist Dr. A. Twerski Gives Her Book to Clients and Acquaintances.

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Can your Kitchen Cleanser KILL Someone?


27 Adar 5769

Mmm, the scent of freshly cleaned and aired-out closets fills our happy noses. But WHAT is filling little mouths and tummies as we scour our homes and businesses for the tiring rite called Spring Cleaning????

Ladies and gentlemen, as you shine your environment for the neighbors and inner taskmaster to admire, be sure to use child-safe cleansers. I've worked in emergency rooms and met children (some adults, too) who had been drinking Drano, bleach and other dangerous to life-threatening stuff on purpose or by accident.

DO NOT put cleaners in cups, mugs or glassware someone normally uses at mealtime.

DO NOT mix chlorine and bleach.

It causes a killer cloud of

invisible danger to everyone
who tries to save
the unconscious victim!

DO NOT keep cleansers and rags, sponges, or other items
used in your cleansing efforts
near children or pets.

Here's a terrific idea:

Make Your Own
Home Made Cleanser
that Can't Hurt Anybody:

Set a large pan (wide and deep) on a steady surface such as a counter top. Fill it with 3-4 liters or so of very warm water (depending on how much you'll be cleaning and how thick a paste you prefer)

Add 4 or more tablespoons of baking soda (yep, the simple stuff you put into cakes or add to washing machines when you need to freshen body-odor affected clothes)

Add a drop of dish washing liquid

Now soak soiled items (including silver), then rub with a sponge or soft cloth until the dirt lifts off.

Rinse well under hot water, and let them stand upside down upon a dish-dry rak or towel.

Dip a clean cloth into the mixture and scrub your COUNTER TOPS to a brilliant shine. Wash off the cleanser and buff dry with fresh towels.

Want to clean WAXY CANDLESTICKS? Soak rags in the mixture and cover the candlesticks with the cloth. Rub vigorously, then rinse under hot water. Dry them immediately.

Finished with the kitchenware? Great. Now add hot water to the leftover soda-water-soap cleanser and load OVENWARE and/or GREASY POTS into the mix. Scrub with a rough sponge (or plastic wire balls for dishware sold in many supermarkets). Rinse off your sparkling stuff with hot water.

(Hint: make smaller batches of the
mixture for cleaning smaller amounts of dirty goods
on different days.

Keep an old toothbrush handy for
cleaning out hard-to-reach gunk)

Want to lose that carpet spot? Mix some watered-down vinegar with warm or hot water. Soak the stain and rinse it well.

Pour vinegar onto yellowed areas of your clothing and toss the laundry into the wash machine. Remove your restored clothing in one cycle!

OK, even if the kids sample some of your hardworking home made cleaning goo, they won't die from it. They'll feel awful, but a visit to the doctor should make things better quickly.

And watch how nicely this recipe treats your hands!

Need more people-friendly tips? Click on
Read Yocheved's Book and Learn Many More.

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Friday, March 20, 2009

Be on Radio! Ask Me What YOU Need to Know About Coping with a Medical Crisis


I've been invited to appear on another radio show in late April 2009; the so-kewl Rusty Mike Radio Show! Want to speak with me on the air? Hear your questions discussed on the program?

Send me E-mail with YOUR questions and comments about how to cope with medical crises:

Here's some paper so you can start thinking about and writing down what you'd like to ask:

Let me know how my
book helped you, too.
That way we can share
your thoughts
with other listeners.

As soon as I confirm the airdate of my live interview I'll post it on the blog. Then you can plan to speak with me live, on the air, for the world at large to hear.

To your good health and some interesting conversation,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Natasha Richardson's Death is A Life Lesson


24 Adar 5769

I've been biding my time to post new content on this blog. I've been waiting to see how the Natasha Richardson case developed.

It should not have resulted in a multi-faceted nightmare.

One of the things I teach to the world at large is that brain injuries are NOT predictable (re-read the explanation of my book's title when you buy a copy).

Injuries to the head ALWAYS warrant an immediate, competent medical exam.

Each human being has specific sensitivities, strengths and weaknesses.

Each injury to a human brain is specific, unique to that person.

Some of us are left fighting for life, others face lifetimes of impairments with movement, hearing, sight, speech, cognition (understanding what's going on in the world and at all) and eager to be accepted in society as we are.

These online news items are terrific summaries of risks posed by brain injuries, a reminder that anyone NEEDS sophisticated medical exams of their head and body after a serious accident (kids especially, since they don't know to ask for medical help):


Life is often far from over after a devastating brain injury. In many cases there are opportunities to live a fulfilling life Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

Click on
I'm Buying
Yocheved's Book
and Doing What She Did to
Recover from and to Cope with
Brain Injuries.

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here's How to Help a Child with Pediatric Brain Cancer


21 Adar 5769

The Musella Foundation just released exciting information. Click on the links to find out

1. What you need to know about getting a child with brain cancer onto a clinical trial for the cure New vaccine trial opens for pediatric (ages 3 to 20) high grade, low grade and brainstem glioma



Last year, the Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research declared It’s MY Crisis to be “Recommended Reading.” You can vote for It's MY Crisis! And I’ll Cry if I Need To on the Musella site daily. Just click

I hope you choose a 9 or a 10.

I'm Buying Yocheved's Book to Find Out Why Medical and Mental Health Professionals Recommend it AND why it's Held the #2 Spot at the Musella Site Since November 2 2008!

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can Baby Care Toiletries Cause Cancer?


19 Adar 5769

55 babycare products with
cancer-causing chemicals in them
and parents don't even know?

Oy. Some time ago it was baby formula and toothpaste from China filled with life-threatening chemicals. Now a country long respected for it's high standard of health care and consumer safety is to blame for health hazards to defenseless babies.

US Senators
Diane Feinstein and Jill Schakowsky
are calling for stronger oversight of
the American cosmetics industry.

The reason:
Some of the biggest names
on the market,
including Johnson & Johnson
Baby Shampoo
and Baby Magic lotion
tested positive for
cancer-causing 1,4-dioxane
or formaldehyde, or both,
say spokemen for
nonprofit organization
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

The Environmental Protection Agency has characterized these chemicals named above as probable carcinogens.

Worse, they're not listed among ingredients on labels. Parents wouldn't realize that they're endangering their children with those cleansing and skin care products.

Read Washington Post's warning:

I suggest that you use only organically made soaps, creams and other toiletries until better consumer protection rules go into effect.

As you'll realize from reading my book, my health greatly improved after I began eating an organic diet and using organic soaps and other hygiene products. My entire medical team has been watching my once awful and worsening health rocket into the quite healthy zone and stay there.

My book is NOT about going organic, however. It's about taking charge of your health in many kinds of can-do ways. Learn how to de-stress, how to find affordable medical care and medicines, even how to pack for a hospital stay when you read It's My Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To: A Life Book that Helps You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge.

Click on
I'm Buying Yocheved's Book to Learn How to Take Better, More Affordable Care of Myself.

To your little one's health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Friday, March 13, 2009

Obama's False Promises Based on Non-Scientific "Evidence"


17 Adar 5769

Voters chose him because he seemed so pragmatic. The truth, however, is that he's simply an opportunist manipulating facts, feelings and the vulnerability of US citizens to appear powerful.

The global medical world is
growing increasingly appalled by
and disgusted with
President Obama's lack of
sufficient knowledge and
his simple dishonesty
regarding his promises
to repair America's
health care system.

Read the Wall Street Journal's
opinion piece on this issue.

How much of a blunderer is Obama on Health Care issues? I alerted you on March 3 2009 of his doomed
Health Care Center "solution." It was not my first warning.

Remember, I'm familiar with the medical world and how it works. Here's proof that I have appropriate understanding of built-in problems. Click on
Health Centers Struggling to Meet Demand.

Want a safety net now that you know how badly America's health care options will deteriorate under the present administration?

Click on I'm Buying Yocheved's Book to Learn How to Get No-cost or Price-reduced Medication and Medical Appliances, Better Health Care that Doesn't Bankrupt Me and Other Information I Need for My Health's Sake.

To your health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here's WHY Readers Buy My Book to Cope with Illness

This message just arrived from Dr. Judith Guedalia, a prominent neuropsychiatrist who shared my book with a male relative on chemotherapy:

"Dear Yocheved,
he [read] the book
before he went in for
this week's round
of chemotherapy.

In his words:

'I read thru most of
Yocheved Golani's
Of course I found it almost
personalized so I treat it
as a resource guide.
I will undoubdedly re-read [it]...
it is a great read and
she is obviously quite a woman...'"

Click on I'm Buying Yocheved's Book and I'm going to learn how to cope with MY health problems.

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Can Someone Actually Lower Their Risk of Death by 14%?


16 Adar 5769

You already know that my blog prescribes increasing doses of optimism for better coping results with medical problems. My book teaches you how to achieve an optimistic outlook despite the pain, fear and sadness of medical crises. New research shows that I'm on to something good. Read on!

Here's scientific proof that a
Purposely Positive Point of View
can indeed improve your health.

It might even
lower your risk of death 14%!

Click on
I'm Buying Yocheved's Book to Learn How to Have a Purposely Positive Point of View!

To your good mood and health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here's How Blacks and Hispanics Can Prevent Some Medical Crises!


15 Adar 5769

Sometimes we wish we'd had an early warning of looming problems so we could prepare to cope with them.

Good news! There's such a warning online. It's at an American news site, so I'm calling global attention to it here on my blog, for my worldwide reading fans. Click

Now you can do the smart thing and prepare to 1. prevent some of those problems and to 2. minimize others.

Click on

To your wise healthcare choices,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Learn Best from Your Mistakes


14 Adar 5769

Today is the holy, delightful day of Purim, a day of deep spiritual insights for Jews and everyone else.

One of the added causes of searing pain for people going through medical crises is regret. We tend to think insulting thoughts such as "Why didn't I call the doctor sooner?" Why did I go to that hospital instead of the other hospital?" "I'm so stupid I can't get a better-paying job that pays for my medical insurance," "I'm so bad I can't even stick to my diet, now look what happened to me. It's all my fault!" etc. etc.

I hope to ease your heartache with some spiritual insight. Please watch and truly LISTEN to this video when you
click here.

Practice laughing at life and all its struggles. They're taking you to ever-higher soulful achievements.

May you grow from inner strength to inner strength,


PS - Want more of Reb Shlomo's upbeat looks at life?
Click here!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Here's Why Pregnant Moms Need Plenty of Vitamin B12


10 Adar 5769


Here's something you might not have known: pregnancy usually causes a sharp drop in mom's Vitamin B12 levels.

The medical world agrees with me: pregnant women need ample Vitamin B12 for baby's health ;- )


Children born to women who have low blood levels of vitamin B12 shortly before and after conception may have an increased risk of a neural tube defect, according to an analysis by researchers at the National Institutes of Health, Trinity College Dublin, and the Health Research Board of Ireland.

Women with the lowest B12 levels had 5 times the risk of having a child with a neural tube defect compared to women with the highest B12 levels.

Neural tube defects are a type of birth defects that affect the brain and spinal cord. Spina bifida can cause partial paralysis. Anencephaly is fatal: the brain and skull are so severely underdeveloped that the baby cannot live.

Women who eat little or no animal-based foods are the most likely group of women to have low B12 levels. Women who have intestinal disorders that prevent them from absorbing sufficient amounts of B12 share that problem.

Researchers know that taking the nutrient folic acid (the synthetic form of the vitamin folate) during the weeks before and after conception can greatly reduce a woman's chances of having a child with a neural tube defect.

"Vitamin B12 is essential for the functioning of the nervous system and for the production of red blood cells," said Duane Alexander, M.D., director of the NICHD. "The results of this study suggest that women with low levels of B12 not only may risk health problems of their own, but also may increase the chance that their children may be born with a serious birth defect."

Ireland's high rate of neural tube defects and the growing global popularity of non-meat diets mean that pregnant women must take care to swallow enough B12 in their meals. Vitamin B12 usually ends up on menus that include animal products.

Researchers know that B12 and folate "might interact to influence the formation of the neural tube, the embryonic structure that gives rise to the spine and brain." They're not sure how they interact, but caution is called for.

So watch your Ps and Qs ladies, and especially your B12s and Folate.

Women with digestive disorders
that interfere with food absorption
should speak to their doctors
about how best to cope
with their situation
BEFORE becoming pregnant.

Those first few weeks
of pregnancy have
a serious impact on
the developing child.

You can get Vitamin B12 from greens, home made sauerkraut dried and raw nori from Japan, milk, meats, poultry, eggs, plus from fortified cereals and some other fortified foods.

Find more information

Learn about Folate (it comes from in leafy green vegetables, fruits, and dried beans and peas) when you click on the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements.

Hear a doctor explain relevant findings on-line at

Read a transcript of the video on the NICHD Web site at

Check out The NICHD (it sponsors research on development, before and after birth; maternal, child, and family health; reproductive biology and population issues; and medical rehabilitation) at

Click on I'm Buying Yocheved's Book to Learn MORE about good nutrition and can-do menus!

To baby's good health and to mom's,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bubble Boy Disease (SCID) can be CURED!


9 Adar 5769

BIG news in the medical world: Bubble Boy Disease also known as SCID - Severe Combined Immunodeficiency- has been cured in 8 of the 10 people treated for it.

Read the entire story at
The Slavin Cure

Click on
I'm Buying Yocheved's Book to Learn How to Contact Cutting-edge Medical Professionals. Maybe I'll benefit from a medical miracle, too.

To your improving health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Simple Way to Educate Yourself about Health Issues


8 Adar 5769

Here's a health information resource you can study anytime you wish, online: WebMD.

WebMd is free to anyone who reaches the site. It's quite educational. And it can save you time as you try to track down facts about an illness and possible solutions to or preventatives for it.

Meanwhile, you can click on I'm Buying Yocheved's Book to Learn Lots More about How to Help Myself or Someone I Care About.

Hey! Want to read a heartwarming medical story? Click on 3 Lives Dramatically Saved.

To your health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Community Health Centers Can Endanger Your Life


7 Adar 5769

Either the new American president doesn't comprehend the necessity of excellent health care and the means of delivering it, or he simply wants more cost-cutting at the expense of US citizens. That is, at the expense of voters' lives and the decreasing quality of those lives while those voters still breathe.

If you live in the USA then you probably know how increasingly hard it is to get hold of some medicines and medical treatments, let alone quality time with a doctor who follows your case over time.

If you've ever been to a college health center, a Medicare office or other bureaucratic medical institution and suffered significant lack of health care there, you can imagine the outcome of Obama's new "hinted at" health-care proposal for solving overcrowded emergency room problems.

True, hospital emergency rooms have long been overburdened by people who use them for primary medical care. But Obama's health care reform concept is NOT designed to cure the problem no matter how much he insists otherwise.

Bureaucracy only disables medical professionals from delivering quality health care. Government intervention is designed to limit, as in repress, prohibit and prevent, necessary medical care that is expensive or used for frail indivuals with statistically poor chances of recovery.

Consider how all of the above is going to become dramatically worse when you read this news clipping:

"...2 Mar 2009 ... Obama pushes centers as one focus of health reform ... provided a hint on Monday of one direction he could take -- community health centers..."

Read the rest of this appalling story at
Obama Pushes Health Care Centers as One Focus of Health Reform Deals ...

Click here to remind yourself that I've warned you of this pending development in the past.

Check out this WashPost story entitled Doctors Seek Fees at Time Of Service

That story was not a harbinger of improving health care news.

UPDATE: More Proof that Obama is Clueless about How to Solve the Problem. Or Lies that He Intends to.

It is inexcusable for the US president to be unaware of the following news items. He talks a good game but clearly has no clue about how to improve your healthcare. See

Your Emergency Can Wait: 47 Minutes

As you realize your increasing need for my book, filled with low-cost and free medical resources from medical evaluation to medication, medical appliances, and on-going medical treatment of a superb quality, you'll begin to realize "I NEED to click here and buy Yocheved's book about how to cope with medical crises!"

I had no concept of the dire future need for my book when I wrote it. I had simply written it to help people I'd probably never meet. It was a way to "pay forward" the kindnesses that other people and The One Above had done for me.

Let my initiative, research, and concern for the rest of humanity help you.

Click on

I'm Buying Yocheved's Book
and Doing
What She Did
to Improve Her Health.

To your good health,

Yocheved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life