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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time Well Spent...


24 Adar 2, 5771

I've been weeding, then planting a garden in glorious sunshine for days, feeling refreshed from the work. The tomatoes are already growing taller, the kolrabi, purple and white onions, plus orangish bell peppers peeking above the soil.

Perhaps you'll appreciate the spiritual lesson that caught me by surprise in the midst of all the hard labor: I spotted some color near the roots of the tall weeds I was busy yanking out these past few days. I slowed my pace and traced each weed to it's exit/entry-point in the earth and carefully pulled only on it to remove weedy roots, rather than accidentally grasping the colorful growth close by. After some time, I was left with a bed of flowers that had been struggling for sunshine, air and moisture among the weeds blocking their way.

It reminds me of how we need to focus on energies on shedding negativity to find the good stuff in life. Let me know what you think. And please sign your names to your messages. I have many that never get published since "Anonymous" signatures present an uncomfortable way to "communicate."

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Friday, March 25, 2011

A SAFE, Affordable Way to Get Rid of Bugs!


19 Adar 2, 5771

A grateful neighbor asked me to share one of my uber-affordable Home-Safe-Home tips with you. Here goes:

The weather is rather unpredictable around the world these days. Hot, cold, earthquake, fire, who knows? We're not the only ones confused by it all. BUGS are seeking indoor shelter to escape cold temperatures.

Cold weather is driving crawling creatures indoors to warm up and you might be wondering how to safely get rid of them. Bug-bombing with synthetic chemicals is not a smart idea as larger people breathe that stuff and children (plus pets) also lick it from the floor. Here's a simple solution for those of you wondering how to safely rid your homes of the creepy crawlies: sage oil (called shemen marvah in Hebrew).

Buy an incense burner (they're available in gift shops, health food stores and maybe at some regualr grocers) and fill the cup with tap water. Add a drop of sage oil to the water, then ignite a tealite in the little chamber below. Keep this out of a child's reach and on a stable surface that won't be harmed by the heat under the ceramic incense burner holding a lit candle.

You'll smell the sage oil and so will the bugs. Cockroaches, worms, flying insects will leave as they dislike the odor. I suggest burning sage oil a few times weekly to keep them away.

You can burn citronella oil in mosquito-ey summertime. You'll remain itch-free with food uninfested by flying insects.

Health food shops sell sage oil and citronella oil. Remember to use them in incense burners safely situated while the candles burn.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Having a Hard Time Swallowing New Dietary Guidelines? Here's WHAT to DO!


18 Adar 2, 5771

Wondering what to do with those intimidating new Food & Drug Administration dietary guidelines? I have easy answers for you. Click on my password-protected link to online discussion
13 Apples a Day Keep the Doctor Away????

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If YOUR Child Fears Having an MRI, Here's the Solution!


17 Adar 2, 5771

I'll post a picture of this news item once I find it online. Meanwhile, here's exciting news for parents facing a childs' serious health issues!

Let me know your experience with this heartwarming technological advance.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Association of American Medical Colleges Predicts a BIG Physician SHORTAGE in only 10 Years!


16 Adar 2, 5771

PROBLEM: The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) just announced that the USA's serious doctor shortage will become four times WORSE in less than ten years. Specialists and general practitioners will be in dangerously short supply.

This means that U.S. specialties
will reach a shortage of 91,500 doctors
by 2020!

Read The New England Journal of Medicine in print or click:


You need affordable healthcare and qualified medical professionals to provide it. You can't afford for them to complain that you're moody, short-tempered and forgetful. And medical expenses are something you'll have to handle alone. Doctors can't give free samples forever.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Purim Kipur?


13 Adar 2, 5771

Yes, that's me dressed as "Boo-Boo Barbie" a few years ago, as I faced losing my dominant arm to CRPS/RSD after delicate surgery had just saved it from amputation. All that happened following an accident that had crushed my elbow.

Why did I have the guts to pull such a stunt? Because Purim is known as a "Reversal of fortune" holiday when we recall the hidden hand of GOD in our daily lives. I bet on it to save my arm & quality of life. That bet paid off, BTW. I'm one of few people worldwide who lost the CRPS/RSD curse within a few months of its unpredictable onset. AND I'm one of few people who made a 100% recovery from the specialized surgery that had orignally saved my arm from a far different fate.

ON TO TODAY. Many grief-stricken Jews around the world are still wiping tears over
the Fogel family massacre as we focus on the fact that nothing happens by accident. It's all part of BIGGER Plan by the Ultimate Planner.

One of the foods we eat on Purim are Hamantashen (Oznai Haman in Hebrew). They symbolize the ears, tri-cornered hat and/or pockets of Haman, an arch-enemy of Judaism and its Jews. Haman threatened Jewish genocide and was soundly defeated by a woman, Queen Esther of Persia. Read about that when you click on
Purim Kipur.

Here's a quick education on the raucous, joyous holiday that reminds us never to lose hope in the future:
Crash Course on Purim.

I'll post a photo of me in this year's costume as soon as I can. I'm saving the revelation as a surprise for friends who enjoy guessing what I'll wear from year to year. Meanwhile, here's a photo I took of Purim celebrants some time ago.

It's kosher to be happy after terrible sorrow. Read
Nurture Your Inner Giggle.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Mourning


I have not updated the blog this week, when I'd normally be informing you about the happiness of the pending Purim holiday and great medical advances around the world. I am in mourning for fellow Israelis who did nothing worse than mind their own business, behave politely, treat others with compassion and pay taxes. Why do I mourn?

If your stomach can withstand the butchery, see the pictures of what alleged heroes did to a 3-month old babe, a 4-year old, 11-year-old and their parents at

Support your mental health and that of other people.
Israeli apartheid does not exist. I survived my medical ordeal in an Israeli hospital with Arab patients jeering at Jewish patients and praying for our demise as Jewish doctors gave them free and/or paid-for life-saving medical care. When was this? As thousands of Jews lost their homes in Gush Katif. Politicians predicted it would prevent terrorism.

I vomited upon learning of the murderous news above.

I doubt that your news services will report this or similar Saved by Israeli Soldiers stories. They're rather common around here.

The Israeli people are not monsters. Look what was above the bed of a murdered Jewish child: A Prayer to Love One Another.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Giggling at Reversal of Fortunes, Tragedies and More!


5 Adar 2, 5771

Purim happens March 20-21! Jews around the world are in the mood for blessings of happiness & fun to benefit everyone.

Enjoy this "take" on all-inclusive blessings. Purim is a holiday about The One Above saving us from the machinations of evil people.

Learn more about Purim

Hear some of the Hebrew vocabulary for Purim at

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doctors & Patients Promoting Patient and Family-Centered Care Together


5 Adar 2, 5771

When you consider that a doctor who caused an adverse medical reaction – complications, worsening illness or death – is usually abandoned by her/his colleagues and administrative staff – you are able to realize some of the horrific mental anguish piling on that person.

Knowing that your loved one suffered or died due to innocent mistakes, medical neglect, medical malpractice and/or even medical indifference, is a Living Hell.

Put both sides of the issue is one room dedicated to preventing similar disasters and you have a phenomenon.

Today I attended the debut SHEVET conference at Assaf Harofeh Hospital in Tel Aviv. SHEVET is a non-profit foundation for people who want an active role in improving patient safety in Israel. The genuine effect of these nascent efforts, however, is already going global.

The SHEVET Foundation is dedicated to building a partnership between doctors and patients with the aim of safer health care, fewer mistakes in treatment and overall improved outcomes.

Policy makers, doctors and patient group representatives attended the conference. They invite patients and families of patients to join them to ensure open discussions in the developing future.

Today's launch-date conference included remarks by Margaret Murphy, a compelling guest from the World Health Organization (and the only participant to speak in English). Margaret founded the international Institute for Patient and Family-Centered Care and is a member of WHO's 'Patients for Patient Safety' initiative. Margaret has been honored for her pro-communication, pro-patient work affecting the entire medical world. Margaret's precious son, Kevin Murphy, died due to severe medical mismanagement. Margaret's adoring husband supports her international efforts to prevent grief for more people due to


Condescending disregard
for nurse observations


Leaving patients plus
loved ones out of
the medical treatment plan.

Margaret's "Do Nothing About Me, Without Me" remarks received enthusiastic applause today. Her lilting Irish brogue was one of several international accents at the meeting as medical professionals and laypersons spoke of the need to end counterproductive medical practices.
I was charmed when she pronounced my name correctly on her first try ;^ D

When medical professionals and patients linger at the same emotionally powerful conference, sharing smiles and innovative ideas for improved healthcare, then the outcome can only improve patient care and medical careers.

EDITORS: Contact me to purchase my feature story about the ground-breaking event. Photos and interview remarks included.

If you have ideas and/or want to learn more about pro-patient advocacy, see (the English-language version is at

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