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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Life Lesson for the Medical World


15 Cheshvan, 5776

Today's post comes from a sense of frustration and wonder. How is it that my astonishing recovery from crushed optic nerves that blinded me, deteriorating health and the medical world's despair that I could recover, is not making a bigger impact on the medical world or on the public? 

The evidence of what enabled my recovery speaks for itself: Avoiding pollutants is good for human health. Commercial products filled with poisons for human health undermine it.

I welcome your comments about the issue. I made mention of it on Facebook, earlier today:

I've lost count of how many times this problem was cited in my book and blog, and how many times I've wondered what it will take for the western medical world to admit the reality it faces on an hourly basis.
I suspect that the public is not being told the truth: Climbing death rates and rising numbers of babies born deformed, with cancer or with serious neurological damage, young couples with infertility problems unheard of before the proliferation of food-processing chemicals that no human body can tolerate, synthetic this and that in hygiene products, etc., etc., etc.
Ask yourselves why so many cutting-edge cancer treatment centers exist, why learning disability rates are as high as they are, how on earth pregnant women hold dangerous tumors with the babies growing in their wombs.
Then ask yourself "Is all that suffering worth a Mall Muffin the size of a Buick? Shiny hair at the expense of my health? Convenience foods known to cause cancer? Make-up that will threaten my very life let alone my appearance? Do I have enough self-respect and self-control to protect the life GOD gave me? How can I develop it?"

A group of chemicals commonly used in cosmetics and other personal-care products may stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells at doses much lower than…
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Yocheved Golani Commercial enterprises profit from customer deception.
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Yocheved Golani Here's an FYI i wrote about in 2010! We in the natural foods and lifestyle world know how immorally you've been conned.

Yocheved Golani
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My childhood hero, Sydney J. Harris, used to write a column about things he found out when looking up something else. He did that for fun and to beat some doldrums.
So, to solve a case of writer's block I went online looking up some research information I wanted for the article I'm writing. I needed something fun to do.
I tell ya, some days I wonder if God laughs out loud, so to speak. Here's what turned up when I GOOGLED "improved eyesight":

: by Yocheved Golani “Don’t worry about it. You’re probably just overly stressed.” That was the message I kept hearing from doctors at my health clinic. They
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Yocheved Golani If you're new to friending me on facebook, here's an intro to the medical miracle story. I'm holding a copy of the original edition of the Cope with Medical Crisis book.

Yocheved Golani You can buy the updated version via super-fast delivery from my publisher.
Yocheved Golani This morning I received a message from a prominent ophthalmologist and eye surgeon in the USA. I'd asked him "What are the rates of secondary blindness from Petroclival Tentorial Meningioma, and the rates of recovered vision? I searched for information but this is the best I found and it's not enlightening."

He replied, "A very good question. I would not be able to answer it."

AFAIK, I am the only person known to the medical world to have recovered sight after the type of medical mishap I experienced. And I am sad to realize that despite following my case for over a decade, none of the doctors who've examined me recommend my method of recovery. They discuss the phenom, but do not prescribe eating organic foods, avoiding synthetic clothing and hygiene products, or going to sleep soon after darkness sets in.

Do the wider world and me a favor. Buy someone who needs simple solutions a copy of

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Yocheved Golani One more thing: I went macrobiotic in June. My vision improved so much that I needed new glasses - the 20th lowered prescription in 10 years - by August.
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