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Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Not Just You


19 Tamuz, 5773

Sometimes you wonder if you're ill, inconvenienced or vulnerable, and seriously in need of medical solutions - but that rich, famous and powerful people are not.

The truth is, we're all fragile humans. Take a look at the reality with

Sigh if you need to, and stop punishing yourself with your mind. 

Take life, including your diagnosis, emotions and more, one step at a time.

Ready to feel better? Read EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge today.. 

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Face reality. It's not just you who needs a medical miracle.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to STAY SAFE from Manipulators


18 Tamuz, 5773

One of the frightening ironies of needing someone to guide you through or past a particular problem is that the therapist (doctor, technician, etc.) might not be trustworthy. Manipulators are capable of conning vulnerable people into serious trouble such as sexual, financial or emotional exploitation.

People need to trust their instincts. One of the things I teach my Self-Help coaching clients is to observe their (your) own body language. If you / they're hugging yourself / themselves, turning away from the controversial person or using other defensive gestures (e.g., lip biting, staring at floors), that's a RED FLAG alerting everyone concerned to avoid intuited trouble!

Yes, your gut instincts can protect your safety.

Here's a thought to consider: As soon as a confidante tries persuading you to do something that makes you fearful, embarrassed or worried somehow - no matter how lofty and "moral" the goal or excuse might be - back off. 

You're dealing with a manipulator only interested in their own needs, NOT YOURS.

Need more information? Look up "Narcissist" or "Narcissism" and "Manipulator" in the dictionary.

Learn more about how to protect your interests. Buy E-book or print edition EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge.  

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Face con artists with courage.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Famous Role Models. Despite their Disabilities.


17 Tamuz, %773

Today's a somber day on the Jewish calendar, 17th of Tamuz. It's a downer. But it has an up side. We have proof positive that GOD never leaves us, never forgets us, and intends to fulfill the promise of a better future; worldwide peace. Our job is to earn that future, one person at a time, and whole populations together.

That takes inner strength. But what if you're ill, disabled or hampered somehow from doing things "easily?"

There are many ways to build on your emotional strengths. Here's a non-denominational one: Focus on
Famous People with Disabilities.

They overcame so much to make their dreams come true.

Imagine what you can do to overcome your present limitations.

Spend time at that project.

List the accomplishments you want to make.

Name the tasks you need to finesse to reach those goals.

Then make it a daily habit to work on achieving them.

Keep a list of your accomplishments. 

Need ideas to keep yourself on task? Find some in doctor-recommended E-book or print edition  EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge.

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity.

Face Your Future with Optimism.

Finesse difficulty with dedicated effort.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Hear Helen Keller Overcome a Disability


13 Tamuz, 5773

As we slog through the daily grind and the frustrations of our medical, mental health or disability issues, we somehow conclude that nobody had it as bad as we do. 

We believe that it is impossible to overcome this or that problem.

At times we are blessed with insight or some inspiration to meet difficult goals. Here's one example. Listen in as Helen Keller overcomes muteness! 

Think that was a fluke? Listen to this

Ready to innovate your recovery and coping skills? Find more inspiration in doctor-recommended

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Fight fear with inspiration. And be sure to thank the Anne Sullivans in your life.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Heart Surgeon Explains What REALLY Causes Heart Disease


12 Tamuz, 5773

I often comment on Facebook or in real life that conventional medical practitioners need to heed the proven lessons of the natural healing world. "Keep up with the class, you're behind the curve" is my frequent comment.

I'm pleased to share this online revelation with you:

Heart surgeon speaks out on what really causes heart disease

When you're ready to find out how to change your lifestyle to promote your health in can-do and affordable ways, read

Doctors recommend it on the cover and in their offices.




Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. 
Face Your Future with Optimism. 

Fitness is not about manipulative mass media messages.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

What to do When Loved Ones are Far from You in Times of Distress


8 Tamuz, 5773 

A friend of mine is in the emotionally trying situation of being abroad as her siblings prepare for their mom's unexpected funeral. 

She needed a bit of guidance about how to deal with the "Not quite this or that, not exactly here or there" paradox.  

Her predicament is similar to that of men and women in the Orthodox Jewish world who modestly refrain from touching people of the other gender if they are not parents, children or siblings - even during times of distress.

Here's what I shared with her. 
You can use the suggestion, too:

"When I deal with coaching clients not in a position to hug people of the other gender or because of distance, I suggest that they adopt a word or short phrase to use in such instances. The Kennedy family is famous for its "coo" in times of distress. You can see it working to calm the relatives in rare footage of their private lives. Some people use amusing sounds.

"Verbal hugs help when physical hugs aren't an option.

"The coo or other sound/short phrase can be used again and again in times of distress. It's a form of shorthand that captures agreed-upon emotions and supportive responses to them. It can be quite soothing when you're near or far from each other."

Let me know your ideas about that, in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you. 

A medical or emotional crisis - you'd cry too, if it happened to you. 

Use your tissues and handkerchiefs with my blessings borne of experience. GOD gives you Permission to Weep. 

You can say that to any critics after explaining that "It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To." With a prearranged signal you share with your loved ones. 

It might even be a phrase or chapter in 


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Friday, June 14, 2013

Deep Sea Diving in a Wheelchair


6 Sivan, 5773

I've been enjoying the Lights Festival in Jerusalem, Israel the past few days. I mentioned to friends that it's a miracle I can see the many steps and Jerusalem stone paths, even in darkness. I prayed thanks to GOD for that.

My determination to never let my vision disability disrupt my joy in life is a huge factor in the quality of my life. GOD is in the details. 

I keep the door open to miraculous possibilities. 

You can read about how to do that in

Here's another woman's take on living life to the fullest despite medical or disability issue.

Read all about how to EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge. Live and enjoy your own excitement!

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity.

Face Your Future with Optimism. See and live life with fulfilling perspective. 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Medical Benefits are Dead. What’s next? Smart Choices YOU Can Make!


3 Tamuz, 5773

Patients and disability advocates worldwide are making their complicated way through medical reforms, unaffordable healthcare acts and denials of care. And worse.

Doctors are either leaving their professions or innovating them.

Smart people are shoring up their defenses 
to protect their health. 

One way they do it is by reading

The E-book and print edition are filled with soothing content, can-do exercises and tips for organizing a hectic medical or disability life. 

There's even an entire Global Resources section to clue readers in to worldwide charitable organizations willing to pay part or all of your specific medical bills

All you have to do is to ask for the assistance!

Who praises the book on and inside the cover?

  • Dr. Judith Guedalia Head of Neuropsychiatry at Shaarei Zedek Hospital, 
  • Addiction Rehabilitation professional Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski, 
  • psychologist Dr. Lisa Aiken, 
  • Dr. Al Musella of the Musella Brain Tumor Research and Information Foundation
  • New York University Associate Professor Shiela Strauss, PhD


  • Medical ethicist Dr. Daniel Eisenberg 
among other public figures. 

Need to Soothe Someone Sick or Disabled? Yourself?

Buy the book that clergy of different faiths plus medical and mental health professionals recommend: It’s MY Crisis! And I’ll Cry If I Need To: EMPOWERYourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge.

BIG Healthcare benefits are dead or dying, sometimes hard to secure. 

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to End Back Pain - OVER NIGHT!


28 Sivan, 5773

I have a fun story to share with you. Wait for the ending to reach the happy part!

Weeks ago I hurt myself in an accident. Back pain resulted. Instead of decreasing over time, it worsened. Badly.

My orthopedist checked me out and pronounced "Chest wall contusions. You're in a  lot of pain, no doubt about it. Rest."

A week went by. I kept reminding myself "You beat RSD/CRPS for pity's sake. Get over this." The pain did not lessen. I listened to soothing music, used ice paks and prayed for relief. Hold that thought.

A week later (yesterday) I was in such pain I was gasping for breath, unable to even stand erect. I booked an appointment with my general practitioner for this morning. Then I realized that I can't wait to see a doctor; I was stumbling, as I walked about my home, from astonishing pain.

A friend soon rushed me to an emergency services clinic where all my bones, muscles and organs were re-checked. 

No fractures or organ damage were found. The doctors injected me with a muscle relaxer and prescribed more - plus 48 hours of total bed rest. I went home and informed friends of the situation. Some brought me ready-made meals. Another gave me Dr. John Sarno's book, Healing Back Pain, the Mind-Body Connection.

I read the book. I did the exercises. The pain decreased. 

But I feared that my situation was going to remain out of control. I breathed deeply to oxygenated cramped muscles and lowered the pain more. Then, I looked in the mirror and announced to my own face

"I will control my life, not my subconscious! I deal with life, one issue at a time, as best I can. I do not need to be in pain."

I went to sleep muttering that mantra.

I  awoke saying it and 
repeated it all morning 
as I prepared for the day.

My GP examined me this morning (I had booked that appointment, remember), as he spoke sympathetically. He asked why I was smiling so brightly and I hopped on, then off the the table to demonstrate complete fluidity of motion in all my limbs and back. He was surprised and I was delighted.

I told him I'd walked to the office in high heat, carrying my pocketbook, water bottle and some books. Nothing hurt beyond some mild cramps. I figure those muscles just need time to re-oxygenate and for my subconscious to cooperate with my orders (I'm still repeating them as necessary).

I showed the doctor the less-than-a-day-old prescription for muscle relaxers that I do not need to take. He praised me for being an optimist "You've overcome the meningiomas, blindness, fractures, RSD/CRPS. You have much to teach the world."

We chatted more. I told him that I exercise my optimism muscles in many ways, and wrote a book that helps people to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually - so they can do it, too.

He recommends it.

Thanks, GOD. That book and Dr. Sarno's saved me, with Your help.

A medical, pain or other crisis - you'd cry too, if it happened to you. Use your tissues and handkerchiefs with my blessings borne of experience. GOD gives you Permission to Weep. And you can say that to any critics after explaining, "Read page 5 of It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To. Empower YOURSELF to Cope with a Medical Challenge."

Then you can face the future stronger.

I can't promise you'll end your back pain or other problem overnight. But you might. 

Make the worthwhile effort.


Buy the E-book or print edition today to EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism. 

Face life with increasing strength.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Self-Sacrifice and You: Lessons from Irena Sendler


27 Sivan, 5773

Today's post is a time-out for a look at history. One brave woman reached deep within herself to muster up the courage to deal with life-threatening circumstances.

The Self Sacrifice of Irena Sendler

Jewish sages tell us that the reward for doing acts of chessed (kindness) is a long life. (Tosfos, Rosh Hashana 18a). According to this view Irena Sendler, a non-Jewish woman who saved thousands of Jewish lives during WWII, should have lived well beyond the 100 years that she did live, but her long life is a testament to her amazing acts of bravery in the face of the Nazi killing machine.

Born February 15 1910, Irena Sendler was a young Polish social worker in 1939. When the Nazis invaded Poland Sendler joined the Zagota underground which was devoted to assisting Jews escape from the German dragnet. Over the course of the next few years she and her comrades managed to assist over 500 Jews find safe hiding places throughout Poland.

In 1941 the Nazis established the Warsaw Ghetto and interned hundreds of thousands of Jews within the ghetto walls. Sendler and several friends managed to obtain false papers that allowed them to enter the ghetto. They brought food and medicine into the ghetto and, as the Nazi's ultimate intentions became clear, started to smuggle young children out of the ghetto.

At the beginning they concentrated on bringing out young children who had been orphaned but they quickly expanded their operation to include children whose parents were still alive. Sendler walked door to door every day, trying to convince parents that their children had no chance of survival if they didn't leave the ghetto. Sendler later recounted those days, relating that, 60 years later, she still had nightmares when she remembered the scenes. "Those scenes over whether to give a child away were heart-rending. Sometimes, they wouldn't give me the child. Their first question was, 'What guarantee is there that the child will live?' I said, 'None. I don't even know if I will get out of the ghetto alive today."

Together with other Zagota members Sendler smuggled the children out through the sewers that ran under Warsaw, inside toolboxes, bags and luggage, under tram seats and even beneath garbage carts. Once on the other side of the wall, further work was needed. Catholic birth certificates and identity papers had to be forged and signed by high ranking Social Services officials and priests in order to enable the children to be taken from safe houses within Warsaw to convents and orphanages in the surrounding countryside.  Sendler carefully recorded all of the childrens' names and hiding places on tissue paper and hid them in jars that were buried in her neighbor's garden so that, eventually, the children could be reunited with family members or, if that proved impossible, with their Jewish community.

In 1943 the Gestapo arrested Sendler, almost catching her with a piece of paper that had a listing of a number of the children's names and hiding places. Sendler withstood Gestapo torture, though they broke both of her feet, and she was rescued as she was being walked to her execution by Zagota members who bribed a German guard.  Sendler was forced into hiding for the remainder of the war, though she continued to help Jews escape in any way that she could from her hiding place.

Irena Sendler's story was almost lost to history but a chance comment brought the incident to the attention of a group of high school students who were researching the Holocaust. The girls investigated the story and publicized it, even creating a performance called "Life in a Jar" that dramatized the events. Funding supplied by Lowell Milken, a Jewish reformer of education allowed them to dramatically increase their efforts. To date the performance has been viewed by thousands of people in audiences throughout the world. In 1999 the girls met the then 90--year-old Sendler and expanded their project which eventually grew to encompass, along with the performance, a book and a website.

In addition to the Life in a Jar project the Public Broadcasting System interviewed Sendler shortly before her hundredth birthday. The projects, interviews and public acknowledgement of Sendler's bravery and selflessness testify to the power of acts of lovingkindness on individuals and the entire society.

You need to be brave with your medical, emotional, mental health or disability situation. Or someone else's.

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Face fear, perhaps your own life-threatening circumstances or someone else's, with good sense and a sense of spiritual purpose.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gazing at the Stars is Good for Your Health


26 Sivan, 5773

Some days we need to remind ourselves how we're like everyone else, no matter the medical, emotional or mental health or disability problem in our lives.

Fill your sense of wonder and potential with the beauty of


Need to make sense of the chaos, pain or expense in your medical, mental health or disability issues?

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It's so good that 
a medical ethicist 
recommends it 
on the back cover!

Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism.

Fill your soul with opportunities to grow.


Monday, June 3, 2013

The Bottom of Your Shoes - Life Lessons from Dr. Hodes


25 Sivan, 5773

I follow several medical experts on Twitter, Email updates and the like, and share links I especially like. Here's an essay to make you stand up a bit straighter and to be a bit nobler.

Buy the E-book or print edition today to stand up for yourself or someone who needs the help: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a MedicalChallenge
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Face Your Future with Optimism.

Face life with a Can-do Attitude.