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Yocheved Golani recovered from blindness even though medical experts had told it it would be impossible. Prayer, right eating and a lot of focused effort taught Yocheved Golani's medical team many healing lessons. She is the author of doctor-recommended, "It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry If I Need To: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge."
Today, as a life coach for people with health challenges, Yocheved's primary tools are intuition and the Enneagram. Her ability to hone in on peoples’ precise issues makes Yocheved a popular source of problem-solving insights. She is certified in counseling skills and spiritual chaplaincy, and helps people face end-of-life issues. As a journalist and former Health Information Management professional (medical coder), she is aware of innovative medical and cost-cutting global resources to help clients across the globe.
Workshop: Fostering Medical Miracles: Yocheved will share tried and true techniques for opening yourself to the miracles waiting to reach you. They exist, the supply cannot run out, and all that those miracles need is for you to be willing to accept them. Join this class to learn how. Yocheved will share mantras for inviting positive change, teach skills for inviting positive miracles into your lives, and invite you to be open to the healing gifts that GOD will bestow upon you. Not much is guaranteed in life, but this workshop can help you to promote positive, healing change in your life.
Wednesday, May 24th, 10:30-11:30 a.m, Main Hall
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