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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Celebrating My SURVIVAL!!!


4 Elul, 5778

August 15 is the anniversary of my emergency life-saving surgery. I'm celebrating my survival from when doctors had written me off as "... six months."

I'm celebratinthe fact that I'm alive and thriving, today. And what better way to do it than by alerting the rest of the world about how to thrive past a devastating medical or mental health problem?

As a journalist, I sometimes respond to requests for information about a given topic. I provide links to my published articles, letting the enquirer know the information that they seek.

Here's an example of that, 
and the timing just couldn't be better!!!

Hi, ---. My name is Yocheved (pronounced Yo - "ch" as in Bach - ved). I am an author and journalist plus a life coach certified in counseling skills. I help people learn to say "Yes" to can-do solutions for improving their mental and physical health. 

I noticed that you are looking for help with your article "Self help books for women." 
My answer to you appears below. 
Contributor: Yocheved Golani, Website: (Book-related)  EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge 
The book-related blog is at (Yocheved Golani, INK

Women like to be free to do what needs to be done, especially regarding our own lives. Holding us back prevents progress. When a woman is sick or disabled by some medical or mental health problem, everyone who depends on her suffers. That's why we need solutions, and fast!

A book to prevent, to solve, and to minimize such problems is the It's MY Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need To: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge print and E-book. It's filled with inspirational messages, ideas that leave you laughing, plus tips on what to say to in-laws, outlaws, rude medical personnel and anyone else involved with your medical or mental health care. There are even tips for what to pack for hospital stays, how to handle End-of-Life issues, and an entire Global Resources section that lists worldwide charitable organizations willing to pay some or all of an applicant's specific medical expenses. Readers also learn how to get free medication, medical appliances, and air lifts to and from medically-related destinations.

A Health Information Management professional who assigns medical and mental health care codes to diagnoses and treatments (for insurance plus research purposes), I have learned a lot about the resources mentioned in the book on the job. But most people would never guess that such possibilities exist! I wrote the book to let laypeople know necessary information for improving the quality of their lives. 

I wrote it after recovering from a devastating medical error that missed a benign brain tumor crushing my optic and other nerves entering my spine from my head. I learned of it in an emergency room, 18 months after the MRI had been taken. I had been blinded by a benign but deadly meningioma tumor. It was crushing my brain as it grew, and strangling all the nerves in the area. I was close to death.

Doctors were not optimistic that I'd survive the next six months. That was 13 years ago today, August 15, 2005. 

I'm the first known person to see again after such a medical mishap. My muscles are strong, my health enviable. The happy ending could not have happened had I lacked the information I've shared in the DIY book. It literally lets people DO it YOURSELF when it comes to recovering from the weakening, disorienting, and confusing results of a medical or mental health setback.

Yocheved Golani
Writing Services • Self-Help Coach for Health Issues • Author • Speaker

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RE:  67) Summary: Self Help Books For Women 

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Deadline: 10:00 PM GMT - 16 August 


We are looking for suggestions of self help books for women.
Feel free to suggest more than one book. Please include: Book
title, reason you are suggesting this book.

FORMAT FOR CREDIT: Please include the person you would like the
quote/contribution attributed to in the following format
(example) - Contributor: Bob Smith, Organization (anchor text):
Smith Reality, Website: If we use your pitch we
will contact you via email to notify you of publication. For
your copy and paste ease: Contributor: _____ Organisation: _____
Website: ______

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

One Compelling Reason to GO ORGANIC


3 Elul, 5778

Whew, I've had a busy few days repairing a PC and dead monitor. That's far from heartbreaking, thank GOD.  The information  below is indeed heartbreaking, though. And it underscores one of the life lessons in the EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge book: We need to eat wholesome organic food in order to preserve and to protect our heath.

Going organic literally allowed me to remain alive after the medical mishap that almost killed me. It let me recover the sight from an optic nerve-crushed blindness that doctors predicted would last "permanently."

What had sickened me in the first place? No studies were done to prove the cause, but WOW a strictly organic diet improved my appearance, my health, and my level of happiness. That's one compelling reason to remain on an organic menu. Imagine what it might do for you.

Back to today's topic: 

Genetically Modified Children is not for the faint of heart. Read the information on the website and watch the video here.

Protect yourself and your loved ones.

Go organic. 
You have no idea how corrupt the food chain can be.


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Friday, August 10, 2018

What to Do When DOCTORS have Disabilities?


29 Av, 5778

I prepared this post before going to bed last night. I had no idea what'd happen between my rest and the time that this post went active.

At any rate, here it is:

Here's something that ill people rarely believe: Doctors can become frail and also need help to manage life better, as do some patients.

Do you find that startling news? Consider this excerpt from a recent news story:

"... Doctors are often portrayed as pinnacles of health, superhumans responding to emergencies around the clock, performing miracles of all kinds. They're seen as the fixers, not the ones ever in need of accommodations or care.

"This profession historically has viewed themselves as able-bodied in the extreme," Iezzoni says.
Now, a growing movement of current and aspiring doctors with disabilities is starting to challenge that narrative, saying it is a disservice both to the medical profession and to patients.
It's important to acknowledge and accommodate medical professionals with disabilities, says Lisa Meeks, a psychologist and researcher at Michigan Medicine specializing in disabilities in medicine and medical education. "It deserves attention and its own problem-solving," she says...

Learn more when you read National Public Radio's presentation about doctors with disabilities.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

It's Been a Rough Day


28 Av, 5778

I had expected to post something about health on the blog today, but it's been a rough day that began last night. I managed to get through this by following my own "How to keep calm despite the chaos" advice.

Last night I wondered if I would survive the wedding I'd attended, and if co-celebrants would, too. That is, when I wasn't trying to find out if the communities nearby were still standing. It was a frantic night of cellphone checks and focused prayers
Perhaps it is time to properly identify the very essence of the problem - both in terms of the Middle East AND in terms of BBC's so-called reporting. It's time to call BBC's reporting what it is - anti-Semitism.
i24NEWS English
19 hrs
WATCH: This evening in the southern Israeli city of Sderot, sirens were sounded as rockets were launched from Gaza. IDF has confirmed 36 rockets so far, as well as several injuries reported:
ReplyRemove Preview4h
Yocheved Golani 140 ROCKETS were aimed at us last night. 

See More
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Yocheved Golani A friend of mine spoke about things for all the world to hear. Give a serious listen. Then ask yourselves some serious questions.
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Yocheved Golani Imagine that. I lost track of the number of deadly missiles flying at us last night. 40 more than I'd realized.
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Sussex Friends Of Israel
19 hrs
Dear Sky News, BBC News, ITV News, Channel 4 News etc,
Tonight in Israel 100s of 1000s of Israeli civilians will be spending the night in bomb shelters as a res...
See More
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Yocheved Golani I had to run for shelter when the RED ALERT siren sounded immediately after I posted the message above. If your news organizations are not reporting on the pounding Israel is receiving from Gaza, share relevant information.

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