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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Cancer Causes, Dumb Diets, Rude Doctors, and...


8 Shvat, 5779

There's plenty of good news in the medical world, and some of it is because increasing numbers of doctors admit that their recommended diets don't work. 

Studies are being reconsidered, redesigned, and reclassified so that medical professionals can help people to lose weight easily and sensibly. Increasing attention is being paid to those of us who do not struggle with weight control, and why.

Those updated healthcare professionals can help people to prevent becoming overweight in the first place.

For those of us in the natural healing world, weight control is a matter of understanding specific principles. Here's a starter kit for thinking as we do:

Food is a significant part of the problem - the WRONG food, that is. It can affect fertility, weight, energy levels, health, mood, and more.

I know one naturopath invited to many baby namings because she advises infertility clients to stop ingesting dairy foods. They're full of Mama Animal's hormones, designed to fatten up her children. They create havoc with human hormones. Add in the synthetic hormones from hygiene products that I've warned you about at this blog, and infertility plus obesity easily become "OMIGAWD why am I fat and/or infertile?" issues.

Keep thinking with me.

People complain that they can't keep their weight down as they swallow more lo-cal ice cream, lo-fat cottage and reduced-calories sliced cheese, etc. THEY EAT THEIR OWN PROBLEM, GUARANTEEING THAT IT WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THEY STOP SWALLOWING DAIRY "FOODS" DESIGNED FOR ANIMALS, NOT FOR HUMANS.

Weight control is not simply a matter 
of calorie restrictions. 

If you eat dairy foods you eat 
hormonal instructions 
to make your body fat.

It's also important to support thyroid health when your energy levels fall and your weight rises. Add iodine-rich seaweed to your menus.

Sushi is made with nori leaves. Enjoy your weight-management meal.

Kombu is a seaweed sold in flakes and as leaves. Add them to your lentil dishes.

Arame, wakame and other sea leaves make lovely additions to a meal. I decorate steaming hot sweet potato with strands of arame, The pretty orange-green color combination is eye candy. The flavor of the dish is mouth candy that's nutritious for inner and outer health.

There's far more to the natural weight-control life. I only offered a glimpse into it with the thoughts above.


The problem is close to my heart: a good friend was diagnosed with Smoker's Lung. She's never touched a cigarette in her life and neither has her husband. Air and other pollution gave her the disease. 

The article below will inform you of other possibilities, and about rude medical professionals who need to be guided into good behavior techniques. Click on...

Life & Death --- Literally
What happens when the doctor blames you for your own lung cancer? 
By Dr. Monica Bhargava
A pulmonary and critical-care physician on how bias in the medical community hurts lung cancer patients
Know the warning signs 


book holds passages about how best to respond to irate, irascible, and otherwise rude doctors, technicians and nurses. Read it to prepare yourself for an appropriate self defense. There are ways to solve the problem.

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Fill your thoughts with good sense.

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