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Friday, January 4, 2019

Getting Past Debt


27 Tevet, 5779

How are you feeling?

I'm hoping that y'all are recovered from holiday spats and parties, let alone the travel and excess food. Let's get back on track by doing what we can to solve a persistent medical problem: DEBT.

holds an informative Global Resources section that informs readers of worldwide charitable organizations willing to pay some or all of an applicant's specific medical expenses. That's helpful.

We need financial stability beyond the medical situation, though. With new years' resolutions fresh on your mind, take a look at this financial services information blogpost below. I'm not associated with the company, though it will soon be sharing some thoughts that I prepared for the reading public.

8 Tips for Actually Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions New Year’s resolutions is easy. It’s sticking with them that’s hard. Here are some expert tips that can take you from talking the talk to walking the walk.

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