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Monday, March 25, 2013

Passover for Your Inner Comedian


14 Nisan, 5773

Excitement is building throughout Jewish communities worldwide. Here's a funny take on part of what the celebration is about.


Passover delivers a message to the world: GOD is in charge and cares deeply about all human welfare.


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I'll be off the Internet as I enjoy a week's worth of the lovely Passover holiday. Here's some music to underscore the theme of the world's greatest love story What it Means to Be Chosen...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Haveil Havalim #402 - the KLP (Kosher for Passover) Edition!


13 Nisan, 5773

I'll clue you in to a Hebraicism you might not know: KLP is shorthand for a Hebrew phrase כשר לפסח  that means Kosher l'Pesakh/kosher for Passover.

Wahoo, Passover/Pesakh is only hours away (it begins Monday night). I look forward to the fun with friends.

If you need a quick FYI on the symbolism of the long, drawn out Passover seder meal, read Symbolism with Substance.

Today I'm the designated hostess of the Haveil Havalim blog carnival that pops up on monitors around the world from time to time. Check out the kewl content below!

Esser Agorot (his real identity is a cheerfully guarded secret) regales us with... A photo caption contest at Catch the Kipa.

Calling a wannabe murderer A WANNABE MURDERER!


Hebrew linguistics to put your neck hairs on edge at LABAN.

My friend and fellow journalist Batya Medad makes it easy to have fun with a thoughtful look at possible PassoverActivities

Batya also makes it easy to count the exciting days between Passover and the Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) anniversary of GOD giving Torah to Moses, the Jews and the wider world with EZ Shmeezy iSefira Counting Tools! BLESS YOU dear lady. You've probably insured that many people will fulfill the mitzva this time around ;^ D

LADIES! Pull up a cozy seat and join me in saluting Rivkah Lambert Adler for her sensible take on  Not Exactly Kisei HaKavod...

REMEMBER to re-set your watches, cellphones, PC calendars and more later this week. Why?

Please pray that Merciful HaShem bless Adelle Chaya bat Adva with refuot v'yeshuot rabot, nisim v'niflaot im shalvat hanefesh

A worsening in the condition of the baby who was wounded Thursday in a terrorist ambush near Ariel.

I'm signing off with some Hip-Hop for Hebes and its about MATZA

I hope you'll have a happier holiday for the silly fun here. As we say in Hebrew, חג שמח וכשר  chag samayakh v'kasher (have a happy, kosher Passover. In all respects ;^ )

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Focus on making more of yourself. Smile when you look in the mirror.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Question for You...


10 Nisan, 5773

I'm certified in Counseling Skills and as a Melavah Holim (a sort of spiritual chaplain). I'm always interested to find out how upbeat people remain that way despite life's hardships.

I long to help others to make the breakthrough that gets them to indulge their Inner Totally Decent Self (ben adam in Hebrew) with ever-improving efforts to be Better Than Ever.

I use humor to put clients and friends at ease. It often works. I'd like to find out how you improve yourself.

Willing to let me in on the secret before or after Easter weekend and Passover?

Please share your comments below so other people can grow ;^ D


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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Passover is GOOD for Your Waistline!


9 Nisan, 5773

Jews around the world are preparing Passover, which begins Monday night. We're scouring our homes, offices, vehicles and pockets of leavened foods and their crumbs.

We're also focusing on the miracles of the matza (and the manna!) that fed us  once we were liberated from slavery. We're also focused on The One Who Saved us ;^ D

The Egyptian slavery was one thing. Emotional/mental health slavery is another. All of humanity needs to be free to be mentally and physically healthy. Here are a few FYIs about that:

SEDER and Rebirth

This time of year is a good time to mind your dining habits. I highly recommend these cookbooks for making your Passover meals delicious, nutritious, and slimming:

The No-Potato Passover Cookbook

The Garden of Spices: Recipes for Life

Make a shopping list of the foods you need, sharpen your kitchen knives and get to work. You'll enjoy the holiday more without feeling bloated, constipated or bored with your food. 

I bet you'll even develop a new twinkle in your eyes as you fill yourself with the simple pleasure of good and good-for-you food.

If you're gluten-intolerant or allergic to wheat-based matza, buy spelt matza or Kestenbaum's oat matza (I enjoy both). They should be available in major grocery stores within Jewish communities.

I happen to be friends with Rabbi Ephraim Kestenbaum, the man who created those oat matzas. He saved his daughter's life with them. It's quite a story that will be included in a biography coming out in the foreseeable future. 

Yes, Passover can be GOOD for your waistline and overall health!


Buy the E-book or print edition today for a lighter look at, plus solutions for, your inner and outer health issues: Click on the words EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

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Don't eat your - or anyone else's - heart out. Nurture yourself one step at a time.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Online and Hoping to...


7 Nisan, 5773

I finally have a PC to meet my needs. I spent lots of time offline and enjoying the experience until my new PC was assembled and put to use. I wouldn't have expected that. I simply chose not to stress and fret over things beyond my control.

How did I keep calm with my unexpectedly offline life?

I kept remembering what it was like to have been a little girl placing home made paper boats in a curbside puddle, hoping they'd sail faster than the trickles of water allowed. So, I pushed the boats or pulled them along unless I busied my  little hands with scooping water in one specific direction.

Forcing things to "be" is not necessarily an improvement on things. My little paper boats were ruined by too much handling.

The life lesson I sorted out over time was that I can't push water. It moves at its own speed. So do some events. It's better that way.

Back to my computer blowout. I let GOD handle my affairs as I wondered when I'd be back online, working on my next book (it's almost finished and earning pre-publication praise!) and readily communicating around the world via E-mail and social media efforts.

I felt as If I'd been placed on "Mute" for a bit. I made the best of the situation by enjoying the outdoors more than usual, spending more time with friends and simply relaxing with some good books. Housework was more fun since I didn't feel rushed to see who'd E-mailed or messaged me with some concern or other between tasks.

The only emotional turmoil I felt was being cut off from my database of medical resources information. People called from around the world for ideas and tips they very much needed. I couldn't help them beyond smallish amount of stuff I'd memorized. THAT hurt.

Okay, I'm back online and hoping to hear from you. You can respond to any of my posts.


Buy the E-book or print to EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge even when my PC is turned off. Click on I'm buying that book today

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

That Goshdarn Computer!


1 Nisan, 5773

I apologize for my sudden, unplanned disappearance from the Internet this past week. My PC died and the replacement did not not suffice. I'm still shopping around for the best solution.

I used the time off from cyberworld to reflect on life. I've been keeping up with the news via radio broadcasts and newspapers, as I used to do before there was an Internet. THAT afforded me some serious reflection content!

Headlines are filled with the misdeeds of misanthropes still murdering, betraying, abusing others and, in short, disobeying each and every one of the 10 Commandments.

We have a ways to go to empower ourselves to be the far better than we are right now. Take it one step and goal at a time. Keep making serious efforts to better than you were.

Need a change of pace in life to feel better about whatever's messing up yours? I highly recommend a movie: Last Holiday, starring Queen Latifah and LL Cool J.

You have your own path to take in life. Pursue it with gusto!

See you soon, from a new PC, if all works out as planned this week.
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Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Deal with - Even Banish - FEAR!


19 Adar, 5773


It's an automatic add-on with almost any diagnosis.
Hospital stays tend to make it GROW...

Readers, I appreciate your inner and outer pain plus fear (it's a monster) as you face some sort of medical, mental health or disability crisis. 

You can benefit by reading and re-reading EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge cover to cover. It's packed with cheerleading stuff PLUS coping with pain information. It even provides you with tips for how to deal with rude people: in-laws, outlaws and medical staff included!

As for banishing fear, that comes with incremental successes at doing the difficult. Think of it this way: 

  • You're not afraid to ride your bicycle anymore, are you?
  • You learned to cook. And how to use a computer!
  • You can even stand up for yourself at times.

Somehow you managed to banish fear from your mind, or simply to function past it.

You've persevered past previous difficulties and realized, maybe for a moment, that you have even more potential. WOW! 

My suggestion?

Build on your inner strengths and insights. 
Invent new ones, too.

Need tips on how  to do that?
is packed with user-friendly ideas!

Yocheved Golani
Writing Services • Self-Help Coach for Health Issues • Author • Speaker

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