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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dedication Donations are Arriving. Make Yours, Too!

May 31, Sivan 13 5767

Join the people who are becoming part of the pre-publication project of my ground-breaking new book. Add your dedication donation to those already made.

Honor or memorialize a loved one with a dedication in or sponsorship of my book, to help others cope with medical crises. All you need to do is to contact me at

Contact me soon. That way, I can include your name in my official announcement of the book's publication details at my June 28 2007 address in Jerusalem (see details in message below).

My gratitude and admiration for the individuals and families who are becoming part of this project to help people in medical distress has brought tears to my eyes. Eminent psychiatrist Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski told me only a few days ago that he expects my book to sell "Thousands" of copies because "It can truly help people."

Become part of my pre-publication team and watch how your generosity will grow and grow over time. Readers will benefit, and you'll have the satisfaction a good deed well done.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Listen to Me Address the Crowd at an Upcoming Speaking Engagement

May 28, 11 Sivan 5767

I am scheduled to speak on June 28 2007/ 12 Tamuz 5767 at the Natural Healing Conference in Jerusalem's Orthodox Union Center on King George Street. This is a return engagement following the standing ovation I received there in November.

I plan to make the first formal announcement of my book's publishing date at the conference, and to provide information about how to order advance copies from my publisher.

I hope that you will attend the event, and learn about can-do and result-oriented activites that promote healing. I recovered from a devastating diagnosis by using those very techniques, shocking the medical world.

I am available for other bookings in and outside Israel. Contact me at to propose your plans for hiring me to speak about my book and medical recovery.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul. Simone Weil

Thursday May 24, 7 Sivan 5767

Praises are pouring in from people (including publishers!) who've read the pre-publication manuscript or who know about what I've written. Be part of the excitement. Dedicate a page or half-page in my book to someone you love. Sponsor the entire book and speed up publishing history. These folks are looking forward to it:

You're the best and true example of what the combination of the deep will to survive and the right methods to heal can accomplish... watching you heal has been like watching a flower open in time lapse photography... may you continue to grow from strength to strength. Lots of Love, Shoshanna, Israel

Kol HaKavod (more power to you), Yocheved. Tatiana Goldfrad, Israel

This is definitely a work that is much needed not only by suffering individuals but non-suffering as well. My commendations to you! Jerald Epstein, Florida USA

I have no doubt that anything you write will sell, and sell well. [It's MY Crisis and I'll Cry If I Need To] is a very effective “how to” book for someone who is extremely ill. The non-nonsense tone is very refreshing. Yaacov Peterseil, Pitspopany/Devora/Simcha Publishing

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Book is Making Impressions on Society

May 20, 3 Sivan 5767

Word is out about the nature and quality of my book. Friends and neighbors who've observed me coping with the medical crisis I faced in 2005 are telling other people about my successes.

Representatives of a local charity have asked me to provide tips about coping with medical crises to clients and counselors in the Medical Assistance arm of the overall program. This is in addition to the private individuals seeking my guidance on how to manage with their stressful issues.

As the It's MY Crisis! book makes its way around the world, I hope to expand on it's usefulness. I am developing a program to teach people how to be clever patients who get the most out of their medical care. Empowering people to find exactly the care and practitioner they need is my goal.

Watch this blog for updates about developments in the medical world. That information might help you or someone you know!

To your good health, Yojeved

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Professional Qualifications and a Sneak Peek at Some Chapter Headings

May 13 2007/ 25 Iyar 5767

Don't mind the out-of-sync dates atop my own posts. I reside in the Middle East, and we're 7-10 hours ahead of the USA depending on Daylight Savings Time changes.

I began my writing career by producing feature stories about health/medical issues. I’d been a Health Information Management supervisor in various medical/mental health institutions for several years. It was a “publish or perish” profession. My handy successes at getting my articles published convinced me to leave that stress-filled career and become a full-time writer. It also armed me with a wealth of medical knowledge and superb contacts throughout the medical world. Many of those contacts contributed to my book.

How good am I at understanding and dealing with emergencies? My writing work is part of Angela Hoy's anthology The Emergency Divorce Handbook (Booklocker, 2003). I’ve edited materials for mental health therapists and taught coping mechanisms to private groups as a certified former EMETT leader. EMETT is a 20-year old organization created by psychologist Miriam Adahan.

Check out the Chapter Headings in my forthcoming book:

It's MY Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need To
Action Alert
Shape Your Mind for Survival Mode
Develop a Survival-Mode Mind
Create an Attitude of Acceptance
Move Beyond Your Sense of Shock: More About Acceptance
Remain Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically Strong
It’s Hard to Cope
Find Ways To Smile
Make Your Moods Work for You
You Need To Develop A Treasure-trove of Mood Savers
Choose Your Vocabulary
Words Mean What They Imply
Take a Breath and Review Some Important Points
Three easy-to-remember things you can do to preserve your health
Spend Time on Spirituality
Shore up your spiritual life in practical ways
Make a Medical Metaphor

Here are just some of the categories covered in the Resources section of “It’s MY Crisis and I’ll Cry if I Need To” (references for Western medicine and Alternative Healing Therapies – with full contact information - appear in the book):

Alternative Medicine
Alzheimer's Disease
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, also called Lou Gehrig's Disease)
Autism, Asperberger Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Delay
Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Chakras, Symptoms and Interesting Health Insights
Clinical Herbal Therapy
Clinical Trials
Comprehensive Pediatric Medicine (for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, disorders)
Drug Abuse
Drug Interactions
Elder Care
Gimp on the Go
Hearing Impairment
High Altitude Retinopathy
Latino Liver Awareness
Muscle Problems
Natural Hormone Health
Nerve Repair
Natural Nutritional and Health Counseling
Orphan Diseases
Sexuality, Intimacy and Communication
Spiritual Healing

There is also a worldwide list of Suggested Readings in the Resources section. I invite you to send suggestions of worthwhile reading for people facing medical challenges. Write to me at

Thursday, May 10, 2007

You and/or a Loved One are Struggling with Physical and Emotional Pain. Read on to Learn Some Coping Mechanisms from my Book

May 10/ Iyar 22 5767

Nancy Rosenfeld, author of Just as Much as Woman: Your Personal Guide to Hysterectomy and Beyond, and Unfinished Journey: Two People, Two Worlds, From Tyranny to Freedom says that my manuscript is "compelling, inspiring, and merits publication."

Here are some selections from "It's MY Crisis." They demonstrate a few major points in my text:

Count Your Blessings

You're on an adventure. It has scary parts, laugh-out-loud goof ups and other silly things to chuckle about, a lot of work and so much more. As you travel on your tailor-made trail to improved health of any kind (mental, emotional, and spiritual), crummy, disappointing things happen to you. Wonderful things happen also.

Make a list of all the wonderful things that happen for you. It could be the unexpected smile someone gave to you, or the clear weather that let you reach an appointment without struggling in rain, ice or snow. It might be the patience of a person whose attention you need. It could be a medical miracle, little or big. Maybe you received a gift or bonus of some kind.

List your blessings, the gifts that GOD gave to you as you cope with your medical crisis and/or that of your loved one (you and your loved one can prepare this list together).

It is boring to get better. I mean it. Doctors, friends, family and your conscience will tell you (repeatedly) to go at a slow pace, not to overdo things, to take it easy and ... oh, anything you can think of that means dull, uninteresting and crawling up the walls because you have nothing fun or worthwhile to do. And how much fun can it be to count the dust bunnies under your bed or spider webs on the ceiling?

The good news is that the advice is meant to be good for you. Your body is adjusting to a new and stressful reality with its medical challenge or crisis.

Even though your brain thinks as it always has, your body is not being what is used to be. And when a medically challenged person makes too much demand of a weakened body, then the only defense your poor physique has is to arrest you! Yep, your muscles, bones, blood levels, energy waves and everything else will be so desperate for a chance to heal, you task driver you, that the whole system will up and quit so it can TAKE A REST!

Somebody else will have to do the laundry, drive the car pool, meet a deadline or mow the lawn. Your disappointment is the size of Texas, and we'll deal with that in a bit. First, let's focus on a recess from your busy schedule.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's MY Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need To: a Life Book for Drying Your Tears and Coping with a Medical Challenge

May 9 2007/20 Iyar 5767

The title of my forthcoming workbook is "It's MY Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need To: a Life Book for Drying Your Tears and Coping with a Medical Challenge."

Filled with time-tested spiritual and psychological techniques, my workbook offers practical help for suffering individuals. Nine chapters of lessons and exercises empower readers to 1) set short, medium and long term goals; 2) positively visualize the future; 3) make wise choices; and 4) find creative solutions to their problems.

An innovative Resource Section in the text lists worldwide and innovative people, places, organizations and tips for:
· Medical advice and treatment
· Learning how to qualify for clinical trials
· Accessing different forms of financial and other assistance
· Suggested reading materials.

The material addresses the needs of Latinos, Europeans, North Americans and residents of the Middle East. The complete contact information for these resources alone is worth the purchase of this groundbreaking text.

How good is my book? Check out the praises from clergy of different faiths and medical/mental health practitioners (even a Fortune 500 speaker!):

"The hardest part of any crisis is the worry and fear that accompany it. This life-saving workbook will help you direct your thoughts in positive, constructive ways that will make a big difference for you and your loved one. It's a lantern in a dark night from someone who's 'been there, done that.' And if you follow its suggestions, you'll likely come through the crisis better, not bitter. It's filled with wonderful ideas."

Robin L. Silverman, Fullistic Living(TM) Fortune 500 Motivational Speaker

One of the greatest mitzvos is bikur cholim. This means not only to visit the sick, but also to lighten their burden in any way possible.

Yocheved Golani fulfills this mitzvah with her workbook; It's MY Crisis and I'll Cry If I Need To can be of enormous help, both to people with an illness and to those near to them. Yocheved's sharing of hope, courage and faith will bring relief to many sufferers.

Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski MD, Ph.D.
Psychiatrist, Director of Gateways Rehabilitation Center

Yocheved Golani's workbook "It's MY Crisis And I'll Cry If I Need To" is very interesting and useful. It can help people with emotional difficulties. I have ALS disease, and I found much of Yocheved's advice useful. I have implemented it in my life.

I recommend that everyone, including healthy people, read this book in order to increase the quality of their lives.

Dr. Rahamim Melamed-Cohen, Jerusalem, Israel.

This is a helpful, informative text that can bring hope, help and humor to someone experiencing a medical crisis.

Dr. Lisa Aiken, Psychologist, Jerusalem, Israel

Yocheved Golani was thrown into a daunting life crisis from which she has with God's help emerged alive and resilient, wanting to share with others facing similar challenges the wonderful, life-giving and enhancing lessons she learned through her experience.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov writes: "'Happy is the man whom God chastises and from Your Torah you teach him.' (Psalms 94:12) The chastisement and suffering are what brings one to greater Torah insight. And indeed, if out of suffering you come to enhanced understanding, this is a sign that you have accomplished something and that you dealt with the suffering in the proper way." (Likutey Moharan I, 65).

Yocheved Golani's remarkable story is one of a person whose suffering has brought her to profound Torah insight. The king of Israel says that one who girds his armor before battle may not boast as one who is taking it off after victory (Kings I, 20:11). Yocheved Golani has come through the war, giving us not theoretical ideas based on fancy but a deep Torah that has been tested and proven in the furnace of real life experience.

In "It's My Crisis and I'll Cry if I Need To", she provides an invaluable practical workbook for anyone facing a major health challenge.

In the merit of Yocheved Golani's shining this light outwards, may she be blessed with health, strength and a long and good life, spreading health and healing in order to welcome Melech HaMashiach and the building of the Temple together with our children and children's children speedily in our days. Amen.

Avraham Greenbaum
Founder and Director, AZAMRA

Yocheved has inspired the entire Nefesh B'Nefesh family with her perseverance, optimism, and her will to succeed no matter what comes her way. She has taught us all a lesson of faith, gratitude and hope.

We pray that all those who need to benefit from this workbook be equally inspired and have a complete and speedy recovery.

Rabbi Yehoshua Fass
Founder & Executive Director
Nefesh B'Nefesh

A MUST READ for anyone facing a life-threatening or physically crippling illness.

Great stuff, Yochi! You did a great job with your life and your book. A crisis is a crisis, and your book doesn't change that. What it does is provide people with some practical advice on how to deal with a crisis.

You are Jewish and I am Christian, but the importance of the spirituality you described was incredibly accurate. After reading your book, I feel like hugging you!

Carl Phillips
ASTA Certified Hospital Consultant and lay minister
Editor, Wesleyan Way
Texas, USA

Based on her own experiences and medical challenges, Yocheved Golani has created a wonderful resource for those going through their own life crises. Written with hopefulness, optimism, and appreciation for the kindnesses and blessings in her world, Yocheved inspires and guides us to meet our own challenges with strength, determination, resilience, and faith.

Shiela Strauss, Ph.D.
Public Health Researcher

This is a wonderful idea for a book that can help other people to cope with their problems.

Dr. Miriam Adahan, Psychologist

Yocheved, I could not put this down! I had to keep reading your inspiring story. Your purpose from HaShem is clear.

Ribnitzer Rebbetzin Frayda Abramowitz