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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy EMPOWERED 2019! Something to Read as You're Limping to the Finish Line


24 Tevet,  5779

Whew, my recent messages focused on my healing realities. You might feel cheated, or curious, about the fact that you're still feeling defeated by some of your problems, however. 

What you might have missed in the past two blogposts, though, is a mention of my remaining deficits.

I still struggle to read. Pixelated images on computer screens literally cause pain in my eyes and tire out my brain's ability to interpret the messages/symbols. I walk away from monitors at frequent intervals and seldom use a cellphone to prevent the screen-related headaches they cause.

Even when I read printed matter I must figure out to where, on some page, words or entire sentences "jumped" out of my range of vision. I search for them, recover my composure, and resume reading. I have to keep the last thought I'd read in mind until I find where I left off. It's a wearying task. Letters and phrases swim before my eyes, twisting and turning, flying about at unpredictable intervals. I seek them out and put them where they belong to create meaningful sentences. 

I tend to memorize frequently needed texts so that I need not read them repeatedly. It's one of my coping mechanisms.

I do something else, too, to stay cheerful.

I focus on the miraculous fact that I see at all. 

Balanced perspective matters. 

All people need to remember what's going right. Our lives are filled with challenges of some kind or another. As you finesse yours (or not), keep in mind that I lose things that fall outside my limited range of vision. That's why my home, especially my kitchen, are in strictly-kept order. I need the "A place for everything and everything in its place" back-up plan in order to find things that would otherwise escape my line of sight. 

I'm not better off than you, I'm dealing with different issues than yours. I need to keep maps in my head of where furniture and foods are located, which staircases have X many steps, and when a specific sidewalk will turn. It's a blessing that I can walk, and that I can plan out how to cope with vision deficits.

Let's face the future with steady resolve, not the "Here and gone" resolutions for a new year. Slow and steady wins on the emotional health path to a better, happier future.

It's a success simply to remain focused, 
even as things go ker-flooey. 

Some days everything falls into place as if by magic. Let it fall magically into place and enjoy the wondrous fun.

The key to it all is to remain focused,
even when you trip or fall. 

It's honest to acknowledge challenges and defeats. Such honesty lets you plan for an increasingly functional future. Tears let you lose your sense of frustration.

It's a joy to recognize when things go your way. 

Weeping with happiness is splendid. 

Wide grins feel fabulous.

You're not competing with anyone, even if you or they believe so. You only have to do your best. Yours, not someone else's. GOD is running the show. 

Want reminders to know whose best you need to beat? Look in a mirror ;^ D

Choose your medical or mental health 
improvement goals. 

Plan to achieve them.

I'm cheering you on in the book and at this blog. Go ahead, reach victories and enjoy them!

You made it through 2018. Limping to the 2019 finish line might feel discouraging, but I'm asking you to look over your shoulder at all the territory that you've covered until today. You're farther along than some people, closer to making your accomplishment(s) than farther.

Let 2019 be Your Year of Achievement!

Emotional health matters.

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Face Your Medical Problems with Dignity. Face Your Future with Optimism.

Fill your year with fortitude!

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