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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Here's How to Request Co-Pay Assistance for the Treatment of Brain Tumors in the Past Three (3) Months!


14 SHVAT, 5779

On January 11th I'd let you know of a pending development for financial help directed at people with brain tumors. I'm relieved to let you know that the Musella Foundation's help is now reality:

  • Copay assistance program is now open!         Thanks to generous donations, we are able to reopen our copay assistance program!  We have a lookback period of 3 months from when the completed application arrives so if you are approved, and have paid for a covered treatment in the last 3 months we can reimburse you!  

While we're on the topic of health, I want to share another health-promoting idea with you. It's some news that I'd shared in a newsletter that I prepare for a local organic foods farm:

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The next time that you and your family wake up to a chilly morning, bake sweet potatoes with the skins on for a hot, high-fiber breakfast that's very satisfying. Little ones will think that they're eating dessert for breakfast! If you need to convince finicky eaters to eat sweet potatoes in the skins, remove the pulp and whip it with beaters. Serve the results in a cereal bowl (they're easier to chew and to swallow) and show the child that you're eating the skin bit by bit with a big grin on your face. Temptation can be a powerful motivator. If that doesn't convince a tough customer to eat the skin, drop the subject and be happy that the little ones ate a hot, hearty bowl of sweet potatoes packed with nutrition all of their own.


It's a simple way to way improve your overall health. 

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