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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Summoning Courage and Making it WORK for You!


1 Nisan, 5777

You know that feeling that nobody understands your situation?

That they don't "get" your limitations because of your illness?

That some things are out of your control and you desperately need the public, including close friends and family members to understand that reality?

Hold on to that thought a minute.

It's the month for Passover/Pesakh and I'm shoulder-deep in preparing my home for the holiday. I enjoy the fun of de-cluttering, shining things up and feeling that life has fresh beginnings.

I'm also busy helping a few people who are quite ill. It's occupying an appreciable amount of my time.

I took a few minutes to catch up on the news and found a fascinating article. It's relevant to all the things I've mentioned above. 

The US beauty queen making her invisible illness visible

Victoria poses in an open ball gown showing a 25 inch scar from her surgeries down her spineImage copyrightALLYKATPHOTOGRAPHY
Image captionVictoria poses in an backless ball gown revealing her surgery scars

"It's not easy to stand on stage in a bikini in pageants. I have a 25-inch scar that runs down my spine.
"And people can see it... like, really see it."
Victoria Graham, a 22-year-old student from Manchester in the US state of Maryland, had an untraditional journey into the glitzy world of US beauty pageants.
She may look like any other contestant at first glance, but Victoria has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) - a rare genetic condition that affects her connective tissues...

Read the rest of that fascinating article by clicking on this link.

Here's the life lesson involved: The lack of public awareness undermined Victoria's ability to progress in life. So she changed the paradigm by publicizing the hard-to-realize problem. Now people can work with, not against, her.

That's courageous. And the courage is paying big dividends by fostering improvement to the woman's life.

If you're struggling with lack of awareness among the people in your life, consider how you can make some positive changes.

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