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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why ME, GOD?


21 Iyar, 5777

If you're experiencing physical, medical and/or mental/emotional setbacks, you've probably wondered silently or asked "Why ME, GOD?" or asked it out loud.

The question is a cry of intense pain.

The question is normal. 

If your clergy people insist that your question is not appropriate, they've overlooked the need to comfort you, to share the burden, to offer insights and comfort as much as reasonably possible.

Some people just don't get it.

You may accept or reject my effort to share some insight
into the question and your inner agony:

When GOD/The Universe wants us to change direction, things will happen that we can't expect or prevent. Our efforts seem to go unrewarded with the achievements we're pursuing.

That's the time to reassess what you're doing, and why.

Look for a pattern. When do roadblocks to your efforts tend to happen? What do the roadblocks tend to be?

What sort of pressure or life lesson are you resisting?

What have you got to lose by cooperating with the signals to make different efforts, to set different goals, to let go of old behavior patterns?

Can you assert your self control to at least experiment with new methods of thinking and behavior?

Think about that a bit.

I'll be back tomorrow. I hope to have some responses to my questions. You can send them to me via the response mechanism below or send them to

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And keep asking yourself the questions above.

I'm looking forward to a clearer, happier future with you.

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Fill your heart and mind with upbeat efforts and thoughts. You need them.

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