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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Turn off Fluorescent Lights, Prevent Breast Cancer!

15 Adar Alef 5768

A segment in my book addresses the reason I live an organic lifestyle and how much it demonstrably improves my health. Early to bed, early to rise is one of my lifestyle habits. Lighting my home with only incandescent bulbs and beautiful candles (and often olive oil with floating wicks) is another.

Here's a hint of why I belive in that behavior and how much benefit all of us can have by sticking with the rules of nature. A recent Washington Post article indicated that...

Women who live in neighborhoods with large amounts of nighttime illumination are more likely to get breast cancer than those who live in areas where nocturnal darkness prevails, according to an unusual study that overlaid satellite images of Earth onto cancer registries.The finding adds credence to the hypothesis that exposure to too much light at night can raise the risk of breast cancer by interfering with the brain's production of a tumor-suppressing hormone...

... the researchers found the breast cancer rate in localities with average night lighting to be 37 percent higher than in communities with the lowest amount of light; and they noted that the rate was higher by an additional 27 percent in areas with the highest amount of light.Abraham Haim, a University of Haifa chronobiologist involved in the study, said the findings raise questions about the recent push to switch to energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, which suppress melatonin production more than conventional incandescent bulbs. "This may be a disaster in another 20 years," Haim said, "and you won't be able to reverse what we did by mistake."

... Jim Burch, a
University of South Carolina epidemiologist and biostatistician familiar with the study, called the approach and findings "fascinating." "The study has limitations," including not measuring levels of indoor lighting, "but it supports the overall idea," Burch said. "I think there is enough evidence to suggest we ought to be thinking about this more carefully."

Ladies and gentlemen, I learned about this phenomenon while earning my Health Information Management degree years ago. Our pituitary glands are regulated by light/dark.

Eskimos have slightly altered onsets of adolescence and differences in their monthly menstrual cycles than the rest of us, for obvious reasons.

The Moral of the Lesson in that news article is that "Apparently too much light stimulaton kicks the pituitary gland into hyperdrive and ..."


Lights at Night Are Linked to Breast CancerStudy Bolsters Theory About Interference With Production of Key Hormone

and at

Studies Warn Of Mercury Risk In Energy-Saving Bulbs

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Nitey-nite from Israel, from where I yawned while posting this message...

More Fluorescent Lighting Health Hazards - Humans and Animals


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