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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Phase Two: What do YOU Think of this Reclaimed Life?


18 Elul, 5772

Welcome back to the blog. It's going in a bit of a new direction. 

The books and I have been updating you about my recovery from a catastrophic medical mess plus a world of medical, emotional and financial relief options you didn't know you had. 

All that time, I practiced what I preached. Thank GOD, and I mean THANK GOD, that helped.

At this point in time, I am redefined, blessedly healthy and seeing better over time. I'm in Phase 2, past the catastrophic medical situation that affected my life. I've been reclaiming it. I'd like to write about that and share some insights, perhaps a few personal adventures, with you.

I've trained in counseling skills and been accepted as a "perspective coach" within a volunteer organization helping desperately ill people. My social life remains dynamic.

My indulgence in rewarding hobbies has resulted in a lovely garden to show for my efforts. I provide plants to people who appreciate them. My ceramic projects are building a backlog of people who want to buy them from me. Friends invite me to prepare my nutmilks, breads, smoothies and other delicious, soothing kitchen fare to boost their health in delicious ways.
But one thing has gone kerflooey as I redefine and reclaim my life, despite my best efforts: My journalism career has crashed with the rest of the news industry struggling to stay alive in print or online in this digital age. Publications are either out of business or floundering. Editors want my work as I have a years-long following of readers. But, they can no longer pay for my writing. 

Journalism is no longer a viable form of employment for me. It's time to move on.

One of many journalists around the world seeking stable employment, my writing skills are diverse. Satisfied clients of my private writing services have remarked favorably about my work. Click on my LinkedIn profile to see the praises I've earned over time.

My mind and health are out of the muck that once encompassed me. I'm in the garden of happiness, eager to find new, rewarding directions.

You're reading this blog and I appreciate your support. Care to share the adventure of my new location in life?

Dear readers, I welcome insights from you. I'm in a transition wondering which direction to pursue next. What can you see me doing for steady income and some fun?

More importantly, what would you like to read at this blog in the future? 

When I interview people for a news story, I tend to end conversations with a thought-provoking question: "What do you want to tell me that I never asked  of you?" I invite my interviewees to clue me in to what they are eager to say to the world, something I might have accidentally overlooked. That opens whole new worlds for me and my readers, even the person I'm interviewing.

Now I'm inviting you to respond to me.

I welcome your feedback. Contact me via the comments section or send a message to giveretgolani @ gmail .com

Make my day and yours, maybe someone else's, too ;^ D 

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